‘Chicago Med’ Gives Behind the Scenes Look of How Holiday Scene Was Filmed

by Shelby Scott

Like its sister shows, “Chicago Med’s” midseason finale ended on a rather dramatic note, despite the cheeriest of settings. Now, several weeks following the episode’s debut, Wolf Entertainment shared a behind-the-scenes look at how one scene was filmed. Check out the side-by-side clips below. The top is what premiered on televisions two Wednesdays ago.

Altogether, the “Chicago Med” clips don’t seem to provide a whole lot of insight as to what takes place behind the scenes. That is, in comparison with previous Wolf Entertainment sneak peeks. However, after rewatching the videos, viewers can see how layering and multiple cameras provide for a dramatic and captivating scene.

The above captures frames and angles from several different cameras, all layered together to build to a cast-wide moment. Meanwhile, the below video captures the scene from a distance, from one angle. Overall, it removes almost all of the emotional tools instilled within the final product. Ultimately, it’s that which successfully left Outsiders anxious for “Chicago Med’s” upcoming January return.

Fans shared their interest in the clip in the comments below.

“I love seeing the BTS!!” commented one “Chicago Med” fan, while someone else shared a similar comment: “Love these BTS VIDEOS.” An additional fan wrote, “Keep ’em coming Wolf.”

Occasionally, these behind-the-scenes sneak peeks take away the magic created by “Chicago Med’s” artistic team. However, it also provides a sense of reality and authenticity regarding the show’s beloved cast members.

Goodwin Faces ‘Repercussions’ Following ‘Chicago Med’ Return

For now, Wolf Entertainment is keeping Outsiders, well, entertained with behind-the-scenes clips from “Chicago Med.” However, showrunners have promised Sharon Goodwin, among other characters, face major repercussions following the show’s return.

The midseason finale ended with quite the cliffhanger as the FBI stormed in during the hospital’s holiday celebrations to announce warrants. Following, agents dispersed throughout the hospital, leaving several of Goodwin’s closest colleagues concerned.

Essentially, the final scene saw the VasCom scandal come to a head, with multiple characters being taken away in handcuffs. It served as a stark contrast to the festive decor and attire hospital staff sported during the episode’s conclusion.

Additionally, while Goodwin aims to take the fall amid the investigations, Will inadvertently faces backlash as well, according to showrunner Andrew Schneider.

“We’ll be playing [the repercussions] in the second half of the season,” Diane Frolov shared. “And also for Will in the sense that what people feel about him, the fact that he didn’t tell them what was going on, particularly like Stevie [Hammer].”

Showrunners’ decision for Goodwin to take the fall rather than Halstead came as a signal of authority and responsibility. Despite Will’s involvement, Goodwin asked for her colleague’s help, and as the highest authority figure, the showrunners said, “We thought that was a more responsible, boss thing to do.”