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‘Chicago Med’: Here’s When One Character Is Returning for Good

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Art Directors Guild/via Getty Images)

Oh, those Chicago Med fans are really wanting this character to come back to the show. We have good news and it’s about when one returns.

And just not in a passing fad way but in a for good way. You know what we are talking about here? Dr. Ethan Choi, played by actor Brian Tee.

Let’s look at some information from a story from Looper to help catch us up on all the details. Brian Tee had been missing from Chicago Med for a period of time as he was working on the Amazon series Expats.

‘Chicago Med’ Fan Favorite Will Pop Up In Full-Time Storyline in Episode 18

That is in the past now as he’s coming back in Episode 18, which will be out later on in 2022. Tee did appear as Choi in recent episodes, but those were just small appearances. They were not full-on storyline-moving moments at all.

Showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider tell TV Insider that Tee’s Ethan Choi does happen to return in Episode 18. “Yes… We are going to check in with him,” Frolov said.

“He’s still going to be in therapy, but he’ll be post-surgery in Episode 12 and we have a really lovely story with him and Dr. Charles [Oliver Platt] in Episode 12, but he still is not returning,” Frolov adds. “He returns in Episode 18.”

Fan Favorite Character Will Return But They Better Prepare For Different Choi

They also add that Chicago Med better get ready because Choi will be different than in previous appearances. “Yeah, he’s been changed,” Frolov says. “It’s been a very traumatic event for him to be shot like this and he’s been reevaluating himself because of it. We’re going to play that out with Dr. Charles.”

Fans of Chicago Med are probably using a little Matthew McConaughey line about right now. You can hear them say, “Alright, alright, alright.” This happens after hearing the news about Tee.

But Choi was shot by a former patient when Season 6 ended. This led him to get spinal fusion surgery and face a tough rehab period of time. Choi has been absent for much of Season 7 because of this. Yes, there were some fears that Tee would be written off of the show.

Nope, that did not happen and it was confirmed in December 2021. Schneider and Frolov told TV Guide that Tee would return to Chicago Med during Season 7. This show is quite a blockbuster and part of the Dick Wolf-created One Chicago franchise that comes to life on Wednesday nights on NBC. Make sure and set some time aside when Tee comes back to the hit show and stays for good.