‘Chicago Med’: Is Ethan Actor Brian Tee Back on the Show for Good?

by Megan Molseed

When the previous season of the One Chicago series Chicago Med came to a close, fans were shocked as one of our favorite Med characters was left to fight for his life after being shot by a patient.

Thankfully, after the violent attack on Brian Tee’s Chicago Med character, Dr. Ethan Choi by one of Dean Archer’s (Steven Weber) patients, viewers soon learned that the beloved character would survive.

However, viewers also knew that Dr. Ethan Choi would be facing a long recovery as the series returned this fall in season 7.

As the Chicago Med season seven premiere approached this fall, fans were sure Dr. Ethan Choi would return with his other Chicago Med players as he recovered from the attack. However, fans didn’t see Choi return until well into the new season. Then, after some shocking events after a two-episode return to the series, fans are uncertain if they will see Brian Tee’s doctor Choi return to Chicago Med for good.

Thankfully, Chicago Med showrunners have made it clear the actor is certainly going to continue to be a fixture on the popular medical drama.

The actor has even recently extended his contract. A piece of good news for viewers who have been concerned about Ethan Choi’s long absences from the show’s seventh season.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Will Remain A ‘One Chicago’ Regular

Fans largely expected to see Ethan Choi recover on-screen during the early episodes in the One Chicago show’s seventh season.

His recovery was certainly noted, however. Although, much of it occurred off-screen with the Chicago Med cast discussing the doctor’s health updates throughout the episodes.

Then, seven episodes in, Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi finally makes an appearance.

In the appearance, it seems as if Ethan Choi was recovering quite well from his injuries. However, viewers were shocked when the doctor’s condition took a turn for the worst in Chicago Med’s eighth episode in the seventh season.

In the recent episode, viewers saw an impatient doctor Ethan Choi as he tried to rush his healing by pushing himself too far.

Heading Into a Risky Surgery

This, of course, sets the Chicago Med doctor’s recovery back quite a bit. Then, viewers soon learn that Ethan has decided to undergo a risky spinal surgery.

Viewers soon learn that this spinal surgery will require two months of post-op rehabilitation.

An exchange between Choi and S. Epatha Merkerson’s Dr. Goodwin also seems to suggest that this recovery will result in Brian Tee’s Choi exit from another series of Chicago Med episodes.

So, why is Brian Tee missing multiple key episodes of the show’s seventh season if he has no plans to exit the series?

One reason, notes a Fansided article, is that Tee has picked up an extra project. A project in which Tee is starring in Amazon Prime’s drama Expats. It seems that NBC has been extremely accommodating to the One Chicago actor as he works on the project, giving him a storyline that allows him to spend some time away filming Expats.