‘Chicago Med’: Is Ethan Off the Show for Good?

by Taylor Cunningham

“Don’t Fret,” fellow Chicago Med fans. Dr. Ethan Choi will return to Gaffney Medical Center next month.

Ethan Choi has been somewhat of a wild card this season on Chicago Med. He’s only appeared in two of season seven’s nine episodes, which has some people wondering if his actor Brian Tee is leaving the show.

But there is no need to worry—Ethan’s absence is not a sign of the doctor’s impending exit.

According to Matt’s Inside Line, the character is away while he undergoes surgery. And his hiatus is nearly over.

“We’ll see him again in the midst of his therapy,” executive producer Diane Frolov shared. “In Episode 12 (airing late January), we will check in again with him.”

However, Ethan Choi will only make sporadic cameos for a while. During the TVLine interview, Frolov confirmed that the doctor will “have a long recovery,” and he won’t be on screen much while he heals.

But fellow EP Andrew Schneider noted that we’ll see him on a more regular basis “later in the season.”

Why Brian Tee Hasn’t Been a Regular on ‘Chicago Med’ This Season

The reason Brian Tee has only been in two episodes of Chicago Med‘s current season is simple—he’s working on multiple projects.

Last May, the Chicago Med season finale left off with Ethan Choi’s life in the lurch. An enraged and armed former patient went into the Gaffney ED looking to settle a score with Dr. Archer. And when Ethan tried to diffuse the situation, he was shot in the chest.

When the One Chicago hit came back this fall, Ethan Choi was not in attendance. He had survived the shooting, but Ethan was recuperating off-screen. The doctor managed to make a comeback during the middle of the fall’s story arc. But he quickly disappeared after aggravating his spinal injury once again.

With the character strangely absent from the screen, social media went abuzz with rumors that Ethan’s actor Brian Tee was done with the show. But last month, Chicago Med announced that Tee renewed his contract.

So if Brian Tee is not leaving the show, where has he been? Well, he’s been filming a side project.

Tee will star in Amazon Prime’s new original titled Expats. The series, which also stars Being the Ricardo’s Nicole Kidman, is based on Janice Y.K. Lee’s 2016 novel The Expatriates.

The story follows three women living in Hong Kong who are brought together as they struggle to deal with personal heartbreaks. And the union will change their lives forever.

Tee will play Kidman’s husband, Clarke. In the story, Clarke does not want to give up his expat lifestyle. But after facing a devastating choice, he considers moving back to the American suburbs.