‘Chicago Med’: Is the Show in Danger of Being Canceled?

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders continue to await the midseason finales of the “One Chicago” franchise. In the meantime, online rumors now have “One Chicago” fans worried about the fate of “Chicago Med.”

In the latest “One Chicago” drama, rumors about the potential cancelation of “Chicago Med” have begun to circulate. Fortunately for you, we have the real details here.

According to the One Chicago Center, Showbiz Cheatsheet recently ran an article speculating about the potential cancelation of “Chicago Med,” primarily for fan response. Not long after, the piece had begun rapidly stirring the “One Chicago” pot. However, contrarily, we’ve learned there’s no proof at the moment that NBC plans to cancel “Chicago Med.” The outlet cited several logical reasons.

First comes the fact that NBC has provided zero indication the network plans to end the show following season seven. Further, One Chicago Center stated “Chicago Med” continues to hold the position of one of NBC‘s top dramas within one of television’s most successful franchises.

In fact, while “Chicago Med” has seen great success in earlier seasons, it continues to see elevated success this year. Many viewers believe the current season of the hit show is the best in recent years.

Additionally, fear not Outsiders. NBC has also released news that plans are in the works for the medical drama’s eighth season. For now, however, the network has not announced when the next season will premiere. Although, it’s a definite that it will air between 2022 and 2023.

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Is Ethan Choi Leaving ‘Chicago Med’?

Overall, we are beyond relieved to know NBC has no plans of canceling “Chicago Med.” However, on the other hand, we are concerned about another Med matter.

As fans well know, last season’s finale saw fan-favorite Dr. Ethan Choi suffer serious injuries after being shot. More than a handful of episodes into season seven, “One Chicago” fans were ecstatic to see the return of Dr. Ethan Choi.

Recently, in his rush to get back to work, Choi found himself performing a rather intense surgery that left the good doctor in debilitating pain. Soon enough he passed out and fans found out that it would be another long period of recovery before Choi could return and perform at his former pace.

Throughout the length of Dr. Ethan Choi’s primary absence from “Chicago Med” this season, we previously shared that his actor, Brian Tee, was in the midst of working on another new project. At the time, it didn’t appear Tee had any plans to leave the show.

However, balancing two full-time projects can surely be stressful and demanding. The fact has fans wondering, following Choi’s latest ordeal, whether the character will remain on “Chicago Med” much longer.