‘Chicago Med’: Sharon Goodwin Will Face ‘Repercussions’ When Show Returns From Break

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Chicago Med left us on the edge of our seats last week. The ongoing VasCom scandal finally came to a head, and a couple of people ended up in handcuffs. But that’s just the beginning of the drama for a few main characters, especially Sharon Goodwin.

To recap, Will Halstead figured out that Dr. Matt Cooper had worked out a deal with VasCom rep Jessa Rinaldi. For every device that Gaffney bought from Rinaldi, Cooper got a cutback. Will Wanted to tell the FBI about the situation, but Sharon Goodwin convinced him to keep his mouth shut.

However, Sharon only told Will to stay quiet because she didn’t want him getting involved and risking his career. Instead, she told the feds about the cutbacks. And when Chicago Med returns next month, she may face some serious consequences.

According to an interview with TV Guide and Chicago Med showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov, those consequences will be a major storyline throughout the rest of season seven. And on top of that, Will won’t escape the fallout like Goodwin had hoped.

“We’ll be playing that in the second half of the season,” Frolov revealed. “And also for Will in the sense that what people feel about him, the fact that he didn’t tell them what was going on, particularly like Stevie [Hammer (Kristen Hager)].”

“There’ll be repercussions [for Goodwin],” Schneider echoed.

And Scheider added that it was only right for Sharon Goodwin to be the informant, despite people thinking it should have been Will. Goodwin was the person who started the internal investigation. And Will only got mixed up in the fraud because she asked for his help.

“We thought that was a more responsible, boss thing to do,” he said. “So that’s why we had her be the one. We like the thought that knowing who Will is there’s this worry that he’s not going to let it sit and we thought it was an interesting way to twist the story and make it surprising that it was her.”

Chicago Med returns to NBC on Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7C.

What Happened to Gaffney’s Chief Operating Officer Gwen Garrett on ‘Chicago Med’?

Amidst all the drama happening on Chicago Med, some people may not have noticed that Gwen Garrett has been missing from the screen.

Gwen became a reoccurring character during season three of Chicago Med. And during season five, she was part of a major storyline. The COO unintentionally left her young son in the back of her car and he nearly froze to death. The ER docs managed to save the child, but we haven’t seen much of the character since the ordeal.

However, that doesn’t mean that Gwen Garrett won’t be back in the future. The reason she disappeared is that her actress Heather Headley has been busy with other projects. Headley is currently starring in the Netflix original titled Sweet Magnolias. And she just finished filming Respect, where she played gospel singer Clara Ward.

So it’s safe to say that Headley will probably be back on Chicago Med in the future. However, it may be a while before her schedule allows the return.