‘Chicago Med’ Showrunner Is Hopeful Yaya DaCosta Will Return

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Time and time again, “Chicago Med” proves that it can stack up against all the other medical dramas out there. Beating out the likes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Resident,” it’s the cast that makes all the difference. And once a member of “One Chicago,” always a member of “One Chicago.” At least, that’s what the dedicated fans hope for. Especially following Yaya DaCosta’s exit as ER Nurse April Sexton.

DaCosta announced her exit in an Instagram post following the 6th season finale of “Chicago Med” and only had positive things to say. That’s not always the case as we’ve seen with Sophia Bush from the “PD” side of “One Chicago.” This is good news for fans, especially coupled with the showrunners’ recent comments about the odds of her potential return.

The ‘Chicago Med’ Showrunners Assure Fans That the ‘Door is Always Open’ For Yaya DaCosta’s Return

DaCosta’s sad announcement read as follows: “After six amazing seasons of working with some of the most dedicated people in the business; learning wild medical jargon; growing as an actor, and as a person… My time as April Sexton on Chicago Med has come to close.”

She quickly moved onto the Fox imagining of Lawrence Otis Graham’s novel “Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class,” officially titled “Our Kind of People.” After just one season, though, execs seemingly pulled the plug on the show.

In response, “Chicago Med” showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider explained how they intentionally kept the door open for her April Sexton character’s return.

“We didn’t really discuss [a goodbye] because we don’t see that April is gone in the same way, in the sense that we know April’s OK,” Frolov explained. Schneider then added that April is “off studying to be a nurse practitioner, and she could come back, too.”

Yaya DaCosta Hasn’t Said Goodbye to Her Other Project Just Yet

While DaCosta’s return to “Chicago Med” is looking more and more likely every day, it’s still not a sure thing quite yet. The show hasn’t officially been canceled yet, though the execs chose not to opt for more episodes past the 12-mark. And that means Yaya DaCosta hasn’t officially said goodbye to the project either. She told HuffPost:

“I’m really grateful for this experience, even when there are obstacles. Especially, actually, when there are obstacles. It’s showing me that I have new muscles. I’ve had them all along, but I haven’t exercised them, so it’s giving me an opportunity to know myself more, to know what I’m capable of, and to use my gifts on a bigger scale.”

In the meantime, the fans can’t get enough of Dr. Sam’s return, which you can read about here.