‘Chicago Med’ Star Marlyne Barrett Revealed What She Almost Pursued Instead of Acting

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you know that Chicago Med star Marlyne Barrett almost didn’t pursue acting?

While she portrays Maggie Lockwood, Head Charge Nurse at Gaffney Medical Center, in real life, she almost became a nurse.

She ended up going to nursing school where she actually got her degree. She spoke with Edge Magazine about her studies and why she chose not to pursue a medical career.

“It was a promise I made to my parents,” she said of getting the degree. “My father worked for Siemens as a medical engineer. And we have cousins who are doctors and nurses. So it’s a family thing. When immigrants—my family is from Haiti—come into this country, this is what they call “royal” blue-collar jobs. Doctors, nurses, engineers. There is a regal-ness to doing these professions. You can use these jobs to enter any area of society.”

She was able to interact with residents while in school and watched her sister go through it as well. 
“Often senior nurses and doctors collaborate to ensure that young doctors become the doctors the profession should have,” she said. “So being tough is a calculation made to improve and maintain the healing atmosphere you offer patients.”

Auditioning For ‘Chicago Med’

Surprisingly, Barrett did not audition for Chicago Med at first. Instead, she was in talks to join the cast of Chicago PD.

When she returned to acting after a personal tragedy, she starred in American Crime. The following year, she was offered a job by the “Wolf Pack”. This is known as Dick Wolf’s series franchises.

“It had always been one of my dreams to work with Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski, she told Talk Nerdy With Us.

“It’s a combination of what I call a divine appointment in time,” she added. “What I call a kairos time, and just destiny opening up, because I don’t know how they knew I was available. I had auditioned for some spots on Chicago P.D., but by no means did they know I was available for full time, let alone for full-time as a charge nurse and ready to move to Chicago. They had as much faith as I did.”

So how did it all happen? Very quickly over Labor Day. They called her on Wednesday or Thursday and then took a flight out Sunday to join the cast. Then she was at her first medical practice.

“I was on their radar for a job on P.D. and they pulled the offer,” she explained. “They said, “No, we want you full-time on Med.” That happened within a span of three days. Within three days I was told I was relocating to Chicago for an undetermined amount of time.”