‘Chicago Med’ Star Reveals What It’s Like Working with a ‘Lot of Perfectionists’

by Anna Dunn

One Chicago Med star recently opened up about what its like working with a bunch of perfectionists. When joining the show, Martin Lieu actor Tom Choi didn’t know a ton about the backgrounds of his new castmates, but he did know they had interesting backgrounds. He also didn’t know, however, that there would be a ton of perfectionists on the team.

In a 2020 interview with Starry Mag, Choi discussed his new role, his new castmates, and how he’d shake up the show.

When asked if there was anyone he was excited to work with, he admitted he didn’t know much about his co-stars before joining the show.

“To be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with the body of work of the other actors.  But I did know they came from a very long and diverse set of roles. So, I knew I would be working with some great actors,” he said.

A lot of the camaraderie amongst the cast members apparently is rooted in the fact that all of them really do want to do things right.

“The one true goal of any actor is to become a series regular on a television show,” he said when asked about the bonds the cast has.  “To see actors who have been on show for five seasons. It is really nice to observe their ease and the fluidity in which they speak and socialize with each other. Also, the way that the regulars interact with the director and really know how their performances were taped and if they could add more in doing one more take. A lot of perfectionists and that is important.”

Many of the ‘Chicago Med’ Actors Did Extensive Research for Their Roles

Considering the fact that a lot of the actors are perfectionists, it’s no surprise that many of them did research for their roles. Actor Oliver Platt, for instance, learned a ton for his role by shadowing actual psychiatrists. Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles on the hit drama.

Many fans were excited to have a Psychiatrist as a part of the main cast. A leading Psychiatrist is something that many Hospital shows have lacked. Psychiatrists are an incredibly crucial part of medicine, and Platt had a lot to learn. He felt a lot of pressure to do so. He wanted to clear up some of the mental-health-related stigmas attached to the profession.

His biggest shock after shadowing psychiatrists was, “Realizing the degree to which psychiatry as a discipline still remains misunderstood. There’s no blood test for anxiety. You can’t x-ray a nervous breakdown. The stakes very much went up for me when it became clear to me how important it was that psychiatry be appropriately represented.”