‘Chicago Med’: ‘Suits’ Star Joins the Cast

by Leanne Stahulak

“Chicago Med” added two key stars to their list of recurring cast members, including a “Suits” veteran and an up-and-coming actress.

One of the stars appeared in last week’s episode, “Change is a Tough Pill to Swallow,” from Oct. 20. Many fans thought it would be a one-time role for this actress, but TV Insider reports that Sarah Rafferty will now have a recurring role on the show!

Rafferty debuted on “Chicago Med” as Dr. Pamela Blake, a renowned transplant surgeon. She had to experience the other side of OR, however, after her daughter got into an awful car wreck. Blake butted heads with Dr. Crockett (Dominic Rains) and Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) when it came to her daughter’s treatment. Now, it sounds like we’ll be seeing more of Dr. Blake in the future. Could she possibly be joining the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center?

We know NBC would love to have more of Rafferty on the show. She’s most well-known for her role on “Suits” as Donna Paulsen, a whip-smart, savvy legal secretary, and eventual COO. Rafferty starred in all 134 episodes of the hit USA Network legal drama.

But Rafferty’s no stranger to playing the doctor as well. She played a doctor in the 2003 TV series “Tremors” and more recently appeared as a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy.” You might also have seen her in “Samantha Who?”, “Brothers & Sisters,” “Bones,” and “Six Feet Under.”

In terms of the other star joining the “Chicago Med” cast, TV Insider reports that Lily Harris will make her acting debut on the show. Her father is “Westworld” actor Ed Harris and her mom is “Fringe” actress Amy Madigan.

Lily Harris will later star in the Nov. 3 episode of “Chicago Med” as Astrid Meadows, a young woman experiencing hallucinations.

‘Chicago Med’ Scene Draws Inspiration From Real-Life Event

A few weeks ago, the opening scene of a “Chicago Med” episode struck viewers by how raw and real it felt. The scene involved a man who was overly medicated after doctors incorrectly diagnosed him with schizophrenia. Out in public, the police drew their guns on him and almost shot the man.

A newer doctor on the “Chicago Med” team happened to be a former cop. He de-escalated the situation and got help for the struggling man.

Dick Wolf Entertainment, who producers the show, later tweeted out a clip of the encounter along with a powerful message. Apparently, the scene was based on a real-life encounter by one of the show’s writers.

“The police encounter in tonight’s Chicago Med was inspired by a real-life mental health episode our writer Eli Talbert witnessed firsthand. It is important to our team to highlight real-world issues no matter how painful or tragic,” the tweet read.