‘Chicago Med’: What Does the Future Hold for Crockett?

by Shelby Scott

Alongside Crockett’s seemingly budding potential romance with medical student Vanessa, there seems to be a lot of potential change for one of “Chicago Med’s” headlining cast members. Previously enraptured by the adrenaline rush of the hospital’s emergency unit, fans can see his attention straying toward other medical specialties within “Chicago Med.” In this way, we might see some similarities between our current “Chicago Med” cast member and former character, Connor Rhodes.

For the moment, nothing seems set in stone that would draw significant parallels between Rhodes’ former situation and Crockett’s current goings-on. However, according to Cinema Blend, there are some interesting things taking place surrounding our current “Chicago Med” star that point to specific steps in Rhodes’ journey.

Most significantly, the outlet pointed out the way Crockett’s attention has begun to stray outside of the emergency department. For consistent “Chicago Med” fans, the same thing took place with Rhodes’ several seasons ago. Rhodes’ final appearance came soon after a bloody mess took the lives of both his father and his romantic partner. For now, it appears nothing of the sort would be a parallel between the former cast member and Crockett.

However, we do see some similarities regarding the two doctors’ broadening interest in specialties. While Rhodes leaned toward cardio, it appears Crockett tends to be leaning toward transplant surgery. Further, the outlet stated that Rhodes’ did not have “the easiest” time on “Chicago Med.”

However, hopefully, things might turn out differently for Crockett. Especially if no bloody tragedies take place in the near future. Instead, we might just see a crazed Crockett working in transplant while simultaneously running the chaos of “Chicago Med’s” ED.

Hopefully, this next week’s episode reveals more of what we might expect from Crockett in the future.

‘Chicago Med’ Explore Potential New Relationship

As I mentioned above, Crockett’s knocking opportunities come during an especially complicated time. For now, we are unsure whether or not he intends to pursue a relationship with his medical student, Vanessa. While taboo, these sorts of relationships have successfully formed on hit television shows before. So, it would be interesting to see this kind of dynamic on one of our favorite “One Chicago” series.

So far, we don’t have any real indication from Crockett that he does intend to pursue a relationship with Vanessa. However, in contrast, we have seen confirmation that Vanessa has developed feelings for Crockett. She blatantly revealed the fact in conversation in an earlier “Chicago Med” episode with Dr. Hammer.

Nevertheless, as all television network romances go, she continues to brush those feelings aside. Should those feelings deepen, it could build into the potential inevitability of their relationship. After all, look how long it took Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett to come together over on “Chicago Fire.” The build toward their official relationship spanned several seasons.

Now, if Crockett and Vanessa do eventually end up together, we hope “Chicago Med” showrunners don’t make us wait nearly as long as we did for Casey and Matt to confess their love over on “Fire.”