‘Chicago Med’: What Martin Lieu Actor Tom Choi ‘Took Away’ from Working on Show

by Megan Molseed

Among the many things, Chicago Med actor Tom Choi took away from his time working on the popular NBC drama was how nice it was to film in a city outside of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

“I learned that Chicago is an amazing city to be able to be on a show,” said actor Tom Choi of his time filming Chicago Med in the Windy City.  

“No pressures or chaos of Hollywood and Los Angeles,” the actor continues. “But a thriving and diverse community of people and professions.”

Tom Choi Was Impressed With ‘Chicago Med’

Recently, Tom Choi portrayed Martin Lieu in the season six episode of hit medical drama titled When Did We Begin To Change.

In this touching episode, the South Korean-born actor portrays a father of a struggling patient. In the episode, Choi’s young child had been facing a host of health issues for a number of years. Then, given the timing of the episode, COVID-19 makes the complicated situation even more challenging.

But, says Choi, his time working with the Chicago Med cast and crew was anything but challenging. In fact, he was quite impressed with what the series had to offer.

“I took away that the production was top-notch and incredibly topical,” the actor says.

The actor went on to say that he is always interested in what the social media universe has to say about his roles.

Choi notes that even when the roles are as brief as the one he had on Chicago Med, he still likes to keep up with what the fans are saying.

“I always enjoy the feedback from fans,” says Choi. “Which is normally wonderful.”

Of course, the actor is no stranger to hearing the thoughts of his fans on any of his social media accounts.

Tom Choi Has Made His Mark In Some Major Pop-Culture Hits

Tom Choi has long been involved in some incredibly popular television shows, such as the 2014 to 2016 MTV hit Teen Wolf.

In the series, Tom Choi portrays Ken Yukimura, the father of Kira Yukimura. Ken Yukimura is also the newest History teacher at Teen Wolf’s Beacon Hills high school.

“I learned from my experience on Teen Wolf that fans make the show,” Tom Choi explains.  

“To say that the fans on Teen Wolf were rabid, pun intended, would be an understatement,” the actor jokes. 

Choi explains that once his character arrived at Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf, the number of followers he had on social media grew immensely. And, Choi notes for him this change happened seemingly overnight.

“I mean, overnight my followers on Twitter went from under five hundred to over twenty-seven thousand.  That’s insane,” the actor says.  

“I know Chicago Med also has a great fan base,” Choi continues. “And I especially look forward to the memes and fan made clips and montages.”

Most recently, Tom Choi has his name connected to one of the world’s most popular mini-series, Netflix’s enormously successful Squid Games.

Tom Choi lends his voice to the Korean series, translating Frontman’s words into English.