‘Chicago Med’: Will Ethan Choi Appear More Regularly in the New Year?

by Joe Rutland

Chicago Med fans might want to know if Ethan Choi, played by Brian Tee, will be appearing more regularly in 2022 on the show?

Let’s take a look and see what is going on with this actor.

Outsiders, we get some help in this article from Matt & Jess.

So, Tee and Ethan were not on Wednesday night’s episode on NBC.

What is going on here? Well, we are going to offer a little clarity for you fans of Chicago Med.

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Is Currently Working on New Amazon Prime Series

Tee is currently working on the new Amazon Prime series Expats. The synopsis for the series has not been released by amazon Prime just yet.

According to One Chicago Center, “the series is said to be set against the fabric of Hong Kong and will tell the story of an international community whose lives are bound together forever after a sudden family tragedy.”

Yes, Chicago Med fans, you might not be interested in this at all.

But Tee has reportedly been filming episodes of Expats while also doing scenes for Chicago Med between them,

It has been a rather strange character arc for Ethan in this season. What has he been up to on the show?

Story Arc For Ethan Choi Has Been Quite Unique This Season

Ethan was in rehab for a bit. Then he returned to Chicago Med, only to hurt himself again. Now, Ethan is back to recovering and he isn’t on the show.

Fans will see him later in January but forget about a full-time return until later this year.

Chicago Med better thank their lucky stars to have him around at all. The show lost Torrey DeVitto and Yaya DaCosta coming into the season.

Fans like the stability of the One Chicago franchise. Jesse Spencer exited Chicago Fire recently and that show is still working to find a new rhythm for itself.

Alright, so any anxieties about Ethan’s return halted for a sec. See, Tee extended his Chicago Med contract.

We’ve already mentioned where he is also working on a new TV series right now.

It is understandable that fans want to see more of Dr. Choi.

But they are going to have to just kind of wait and see. The show’s writers look like they are going to continue to draw out the events of the Just As a Snake Sheds Its Skin episode. Dr. Choi tried to save a patient in critical condition with an old-school method.

It worked and the patient came back to life. He took off his back brace during the process. An MRI revealed several herniated lumbar discs. Choi reveals his decision at the episode’s end to undergo an extremely risky surgery for it.