‘Chicago Med’: Will Halstead Actor Nick Gehlfuss Explains How Show Has Changed His Life

by Joe Rutland

Nick Gehlfuss, who plays former plastic surgeon Will Halstead on “Chicago Med,” is happy to have the role. He says it’s changed his life.

How so, you might ask? Outsiders, we’ve got that answer for you.

Gehlfuss shared his thoughts in a 2020 interview with Starry Mag.

“This is the first time that I, as an actor, have been able to lay roots,” the “Chicago Med” actor says. “This show changed my life, I’ll say that. It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had a consistent job on this level.”

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Said It Was Important For Him To Earn Stripes As Actor

Gehlfuss said that he has had some consistent work and that has been super important. Why? He said that he wanted to earn his stripes and everything happened in an organic, progressive way.

“It kept building and building and I kept climbing and climbing,” he says. “And it really was natural. This show got me out of work at a side job. When I got the call for this show I was building furniture and delivering it in Los Angeles, California. I’ll never forget that day.”

He says it wasn’t actually a call that let him know “Chicago Med” was a sure thing for him,

“They were giving it a try to see if a medical show would work out,” Gehlfuss says. “So, I knew I had a couple of episodes on ‘Chicago PD’ and the embedded pilot on ‘Chicago Fire.’ And so we took a little bit of a gamble, but if you’re going to gamble with anybody you gamble with Dick Wolf.”

Gehlfuss Was Able To Purchase Home, Live In Chicago For His Work

Gehlfuss says that the show has changed his life. How so? Well, the actor bought a home from the show.

“To have something that is my own and build a community with people…Dick Wolf created a community for us with the three shows,” Gehlfuss says. “But also I’ve been able to interact with the community of Chicago and do some really great things and have some wonderful opportunities (I’ll be honest) because of my participation on this show.”

The actor mentions being a part of Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Chicago. He mentors a young boy named Mekhi. Gehlfuss also said he’s been part of the Soldier Ride with The Wounded Warrior Project for the past four years.

“It has been a big bicycle ride through Chicago where about forty-five or fifty wounded veterans [will] come in,” he said.

The “Chicago Med” actor says his wife went to school there and picked up her degree in Public Health and Policy. It’s led to her getting a solid job in Chicago.