‘Chicago Med’ Won’t Air New Episodes Until Late February

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/Getty Images for ABA)

Fans of NBC programming are used to hearing about delays. That’s because of the Winter Olympics and we have news about Chicago Med.

It appears that no new episodes of this part of the One Chicago franchise will not air until the latter part of February. That is a long wait but, hey, it is the Winter Games. Let’s get more about this matter from One Chicago Center.

Chicago Med just aired Episode 12 this season. It’s the final new release from the show in January. What will NBC do instead? Air earlier episodes from Season 7 for the next two weeks. After that, it is all on for the Winter Olympics.

It is understandable to see a two-week gap and wonder what is going on with Chicago Med. One reason things may have been changed up like this? Chicago Med is the only One Chicago universe show that didn’t delay filming over positive COVID-19 tests. This gap allows the show to stay ahead of the episode rollout.

Back in 2018, NBC did something similar for its Winter Olympics coverage at that time. When will the next episode actually be airing? That will be on February 23. From then on, only new episodes will air until the season needs.

That next episode is titled Reality Leaves a lot to the Imagination. It will feature Goodwin, played by S. Empatha Merkerson, and Dr. Lockard, played by Dylan Scott.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Tells Fans That A ‘Different Dr. Choi’ Is Going to Appear

When you watch Chicago Med so closely, then you know that sometimes the cast will change. In this case, actor Brian Tee has been off of the show some while working on a new series that will air through Amazon.

But his character is going to come back to the show on a full-time basis and be going through some things.

Brian Tee fans probably will be excited to see him return to the show. Dr. Choi’s whole world was definitely changed and not in a good way. He was shot and nearly died in last season’s season finale. Sure, the actor has been back a couple of times but they have been more like cameo appearances and not a full-time return.

Choi will be changed. In an interview with TV Insider, Tee discussed those changes.

“Physically he’s getting stronger and back in shape,” Tee says about Choi. “But it’s much more of the mental [stuff] that he has to work on. What he’s gone through and is still going through can really change a person, so you’ll see a different Ethan than fans are used to when he returns.”

Chicago Med will follow his journey upon return. It will be something that fans are going to keep their eyes on.