‘Chicago P.D.’: Full Recap of Winter Finale

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago P.D.” aired its winter finale on Wednesday, and the Halstead-Upton-Voight drama finally came to a head. The episode was full of thrills and also a little romance.

The whole thing started because Roy Walton shot Kim Burgess in the previous season. Upton shot Roy to protect Voight, and then instead of calling it in, Voight covered it up. He buried the body and swore Upton to secrecy, but FBI agent North eventually uncovered the body by following Voight’s GPS. Voight and Upton had been acting sketchy, which led to Halstead uncovering the mystery. Suddenly, Halstead was involved, when he had nothing to do with it.

North cornered Halstead and gave him an ultimatum; either Halstead and Upton go down for Roy’s murder and coverup, or he has to help North take down Voight. Halstead spent upwards of two whole episodes struggling with his decision, and finally, he and Voight teamed up to find a third solution.

That solution came in the 9th “Chicago P.D.” episode, titled “A Way Out.” Halstead and Voight dug up some dirt on agent North to blackmail him with. Turns out, the agent’s brother had drug charges against him, and North was helping him, which leads to obstruction of justice and misconduct. They can use that.

Meanwhile, Halstead brings Upton into the mix, and she wants to turn herself in, wracked with guilt. Halstead won’t let her, refusing to let his fiancée go to jail. “It’s you and me or it’s Voight or it’s this, and I don’t want any of it, but here we are, and none of it feels right to me at all,” Halstead tells her.

‘Chicago P.D.’: Blackmail and Romance in the Winter Finale

When Halstead and Voight go to meet with North, Voight changes his mind about the blackmail. He tells Halstead to give him up, let Voight take the fall. But Halstead knows better than to let Voight rot in jail; he’s a good officer, if sometimes a little unorthodox. He belongs with the department, and so Halstead uses the blackmail.

North was sure that Halstead would give up Voight, thinking that Halstead couldn’t be easily swayed. But Halstead tells him that “Everyone changes everyone,” meaning that everyone is capable of being corrupted. North agrees to give up the case, and leave the department alone. Seems a little too easy; maybe he’ll be back with more firepower?

After that whole fiasco is over and done with, Halstead lays down the law to Voight; “from here on out, you tell me the truth. You bring me in so we don’t have to lie anymore. So I can protect you from yourself,” he tells Voight.

Then, in a romantic twist, Halstead proposes to Upton again (what is this, the third proposal?) and says, “marry me now.” The two finally get married. We’ll have to wait to see how this affects them being partners on the job when “Chicago P.D.” returns.