‘Chicago PD’ Alum Sophia Bush Had a Special Visitor on Her Latest Photoshoot

by Joe Rutland

Sophia Bush had a stellar run on the NBC police show Chicago PD. But she happened to play second fiddle to a photoshoot guest.

Bush, who portrayed Detective Erin Lindsay for four seasons of the Dick Wolf-created show, introduces us to her little friend.

It’s the least she could do since it interfered with her pictures.

OK, Outsiders, get ready to be impressed by Bush’s love of nature.

Yeah, they just decided that the bug was more important than Sophia Bush. Totally understandable. It happens all the time.

TV fans might also remember Bush from her time on One Tree Hill.

Chicago PD does roll along without her. Catch a new episode of the show on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, on NBC. Once they’ve aired on NBC, then they will be available on the Peacock Network.

‘Chicago PD’ Plans On Addressing Departure of Lisseth Chavez At Some Point

While Chicago PD fans are aware of Bush’s departure, another actress also is no longer on the show.

Lisseth Chavez played Officer Vanessa Rojas on the police drama. But there is no more Rojas and, therefore, no more Chavez.

What happened? Simply put, her character was written out of Chicago PD.

An article from Looper indicates that Chavez’s character wasn’t optioned for another season. Chavez’s character never was able to have closure on the show.

That was because COVID-19 was hitting while Season 7 finished up. Writers had no time to do the proper farewell for Rojas.

An exit was written but they chose to not use it in Season 8 because producers were saying that it “felt forced.”

There is a plan to address Chavez’s former character.

Chavez will be starring in the CW series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Esperanza “Spooner.”

Will Patrick John Flueger Be Staying Or Going From The Show?

Alright, let’s turn to another actor that might be leaving at some point.

Patrick John Flueger plays Adam Ruzek on Chicago PD. There might be a chance Flueger follows Bush and Chavez out the door.

He’s in a relationship with Officer Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati. Burgess is recovering from being seriously wounded.

What is going to happen? Flueger talked about it with Hello Magazine.

“Ruzek really wants to step up and he’s realizing that being in the police isn’t all there is,” Flueger said

“His character is just evolving from what it was when we first met him all the way back in season one. He is not leaving the show, but the character that you remember from earlier seasons is unlikely to be the character you see in later seasons.”