‘Chicago PD’ Alum Sophia Bush Just Sustained the ‘Smallest Workplace Injury Ever’

by Jennifer Shea

“Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush has been working on a new project. And in the course of shooting it, she sustained what she said was probably her “very smallest workplace injury ever.”

“Making a doctor show,” Bush posted to Instagram early Friday. “Came home with a tiny vampire bite though… my very smallest workplace injury ever. Nighty night, everyone.”

‘Chicago PD’ Alum Plays a Heart Surgeon on ‘Good Sam’

The “doctor show” Bush was referring to was “Good Sam,” a CBS medical drama about a heart surgeon, Sam, who works in the same hospital as her overbearing dad Griff (Jason Isaacs), per TVLine. After her father goes into a coma and she has to take command as chief of surgery, Sam really hits her stride. But then her father comes out of his coma and decides to practice again, albeit under Sam’s leadership, setting up a conundrum for Sam.

Bush and team – which includes executive producers Jennie Urman and Katie Wech, who worked with Bush on “Jane the Virgin” – worked on the pilot last year. This past March, CBS picked up the series for Season 1.

“Good Sam” also features “Chicago Fire” alum Edwin Hodge, who plays Sam’s buddy Malcolm, an administrative assistant at the hospital where Sam works.

Bush Says She Knew ‘This Is My Show’

On the “Chicks in the Office” podcast this May, the “Chicago PD” star explained that she found out about “Good Sam” from an agent she really trusts. She had met with him before to discuss material she might produce. But this time, he wanted to talk to her about an acting opportunity.

Bush was thinking more along the lines of an indie movie. When she heard it was a network drama, she balked. But the agent insisted. Just read the script, he told her. So she did.

“And I remember just being like, ‘Oh, sh–,’” Bush recalled. “‘This is my show.’ Like, ‘I know that this is my show.’”

Bush fell in love with “Good Sam,” she said. And so when the network picked the show up, she was elated.

“I had so much fun making this pilot,” Bush stressed. “I just am geeked that I’m gonna go to work every day and make this a show and get to share it with everybody.”

The actress added that she loves the writing on the show. And the show itself manages to blend “every single one of my favorite kinds of shows” together, so it’s perfect for her at this stage of her career.

Watch Bush’s podcast interview here: