‘Chicago PD’ Asks If Atwater Can be Trusted in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

In the upcoming episode of “Chicago PD”, aptly titled “Lies”, it looks like Atwater gets confronted by their rogue informant. The team only has one person to trust who can get them the information they need, and he just so happens to be a former criminal. So, can he be trusted?

In a new promo for the episode, the informant seems to go off on his own. Atwater questions what he’s doing, and then there’s a scene where the informant points a gun at Atwater, threatening him. Is Atwater done for?

Along with dealing with lies from the informant, Atwater will also have to face his own lies. He’s been deceiving his girlfriend Celeste the entire time they’ve been together; she doesn’t know that he’s a cop. Celeste doesn’t trust cops, because one of her students died in police custody. She has a general mistrust for law enforcement, and now she’s dating a cop without even knowing it. A romantic relationship has been great for Atwater, but he needs to come clean.

Overall, it looks like this “Chicago PD” episode is going to hit hard with deception around every corner. Atwater’s life is at stake, as well as his relationship. If he’s injured in the line of duty, surely his secret about his job will come out to Celeste. She’s going to wonder why he was shot, or is he just going to not tell her about that as well? Atwater has backed himself into a corner with all the lies; hopefully telling the truth can set him free.

‘Chicago PD’: Fans Ecstatic After Team Finds Out About Halstead/Upton Marriage

After Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead got married in the “Chicago PD” episode before the hiatus, fans were wondering how they were going to break the news to the team. Now, they have, albeit in a very casual, on-brand way. Those fans were ecstatic to see the way they nonchalantly dropped the news of their marriage around the office.

“The shirt, the rings, him on her desk, I can’t do this guys,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Both Upton and Halstead sport matching black wedding bands. They’re casually letting their hands rest on the edge of a desk, or in their lap, as if they’re waiting for someone to comment on them, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

“[B]eing casually married is so them,” wrote another fan. The two are the definition of “casually married”. They’re relationship on “Chicago PD” is totally goals; they don’t feel the need to broadcast that they’re married, but it’s almost as if they’re teasing their coworkers with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were keeping track of how long it took for someone to mention it. That’s classic Upstead.