‘Chicago PD’: Atwater is Going to Be in a Tough Spot in Upcoming Season 9 Episode

by Joe Rutland

It’s going to be very, very interesting to watch Chicago PD as it appears Officer Kevin Atwater will find himself in a bit of a tough spot.

Atwater, played by LaRoyce Hawkins, is going to have some explaining to do according to this article from One Chicago Center.

In Season 9, Atwater started up a relationship with Celeste, played by Amanda Payton, in Burnside but he was secretive about being a cop. The secrecy might just be his downfall.

Well, showrunner Gwen Sigan offers up some info about drama involving Celeste and his character.

Be forewarned, Outsiders, that some spoilers will be in this information.

‘Chicago PD’ Showrunner Sounds Warning Bell About Atwater’s Life

Sigan tells TV Line that Atwater will have “powerful episodes” lined up in January 2022.

“We’ll dive once again into his relationship with Celeste, a woman he cares deeply about but who isn’t aware he’s a cop,” Sigan said. “Atwater’s lies put him in a tricky position — both morally and on the job. It’s quite a dilemma for him and also explores some deep territory Atwater’s been dealing with this season.”

What will be his biggest threat? Losing his relationship with the police department on Chicago PD as well as his own identity.

Atwater has been unlucky with love. It will be interesting to see how he works through such a complex dynamic.

Actor Says Atwater Also Will Have To Deal With Secrecy, Big Revelation

Oh yeah, here’s another piece. Atwater will be dealing with Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, and Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, who covered up the Roy Walton murder.

Hawkins discussed the fallout of the cover-up with TV Insider.

“He doesn’t know exactly what yet, but there are familiar feelings of secrecy and intensity that he’s noticing between people in his unit that he doesn’t know how to define yet,” Hawkins said. “The things that he’s investing in have nothing to do with that just in case he can’t be seen with these people. We got our dirt. We are not a clean unit.”

Atwater, though, will be a prime-time player on Chicago PD for the rest of Season 9.

Will all of this confusion and angst lead Hawkins to leave the show?

The Cinemaholic examines Atwater and his past actions.

So, Atwater is quite efficient and methodical. Also, he’s emotionally charged, depending on the case and subject matter. What shines through, though is his honesty.

That flies in the face of lying to Celeste. It is hard for him and Atwater almost reveals his identity to her. There is an energy there, but would Atward leave the police force for her? Anything is possible.

Recent interviews suggest Hawkins will be staying.