‘Chicago PD’: Biggest Predictions for Season 9 Return

by Kati Michelle

The winter finale of “Chicago PD” didn’t leave fans on a cliffhanger, but it still left plenty of storylines to look forward to. And after weeks of anticipation, the One Chicago franchise finally put out a trailer for the next episode. If the midseason finale didn’t have you biting your nails or sitting at the edge of your seat, this one might.

So what’s in store for our favorite troopers? Will our newlyweds find that honeymoon bliss or is there something more sinister lurking in the air? We’ve got the answer to some of those burning questions right here. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the biggest predictions for the Season 9 return of “Chicago PD.”

Trouble in Paradise for Several ‘Chicago PD’ Couples?

We saw Jesse Lee Soffer’s Detective Jay Halstead and Tracy Spiridakos’ Haily Upton elope at the end of the “No Way Out” episode. While some fans want to see them revel in the next stage of their relationship, the showrunners have something else in mind. Soffer tells TV Insider: “We spend a lot more time [the rest of the season] with [other] characters and we start building some of those storylines out and we leave the marriage to the side.” That said, though, the unit will spot their matching rings at the start of the new chapter.

So now let’s turn our focus to Atwater. We saw his character meet Amanda Payton’s Celeste during an episode titled “Burnside.” The chemistry between these two has been off the charts, but there’s one little problem. Unbeknownst to Celeste, Atwater’s a cop and she blames officers for her student’s death. While we don’t know how long he will keep this secret or the consequences of it, Hawkins confirms that Celeste will make a reappearance.

That leaves “Burzek.” Now, Patrick John Flueger’s Officer Adam Ruzek and Marina Squerciati’s Officer Kim Burgess officially broke up. However, they’ve remained in a weird limbo for the sake of Makayla. According to Squerciati, this new chapter will explore that dynamic further. “It’s this really amazing, weird, complicated relationship that I love because they’re so screwed up,” she says. “They’re just in it…they’re just sort of living in the weirdness of it in the fact that they’re both committed to Makayla. They haven’t figured their own thing out.”

Other Character Dynamics

Apparently, we can also anticipate more changes in the dynamic between Halstead and Voight. This follows the pivotal exchange we witnessed between the two following the recent blackmail storyline.

As far as other predictions go, Spiridakos keeps teasing a “really fun case” for her character. She says it will even require a stunt double and the freezing Chicago River.

Chicago PD Returns January 5th at 10/9c on NBC.