‘Chicago PD’: Burgess and Ruzek Face a Shocking Surprise in Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott

It’s been several weeks since “Chicago PD” aired its midseason finale. Now, Outsiders are anxious for the return of the hit “One Chicago” series. That said, we hope our “Chicago PD” cast members enjoy a relaxing holiday break. Although it seems their characters have been enduring nothing but drama as the January return sees Burgess and Ruzek facing one shocking surprise.

Alrighty Outsiders, based on the already-released preview from “Chicago PD’s” Season nine, Episode 10, we know the two officers come to a head regarding Burgess’s adopted daughter, Makayla. However, now, the shocking surprise actually surrounds the little girl herself. The synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals someone from the child’s past will enter the scene.

The synopsis reads as follows:

“The team searches for a missing child in what turns out to be a very complicated case. Burgess and Ruzek are in for a shock when someone from Makayla’s past comes forward.”

Admittedly, it’s little to go on. However, it does potentially explain the reasoning for Burgess’s sentiments that she shares with Ruzek in the preview. Check it out.

Ultimately, Burgess continues her own physical and mental recovery from last season’s major injury, even this far into the season. With that, Ruzek stepped up in taking care of Makayla. Often, he puts her to bed at night, picks her up from school, and things of that nature. Now, however, as the two officers aren’t officially together, Burgess wants to set up boundaries. She reasons she wants to keep the child from getting the wrong ideas. Further, Burgess worries Ruzek would move on and start a new family, likely the root of the pair’s conversation above.

Now, on top of their interpersonal struggles, the “Chicago PD” characters potentially face another challenge following the appearance of one of Makayla’s past relations.

‘Chicago PD’ Explores New Storylines Following January Return

Much of the early part of “Chicago PD’s” season nine centered on three characters: Hank Voight, Hailey Upton, and Jay Halstead.

Now, following the latter two’s abrupt wedding, showrunners have turned the spotlight to some of our other favorite characters.

For now, Burgess and Ruzek struggle through their own relationship as well as one from Makayla’s past. Meanwhile, Atwater endures some hot water of his own.

Earlier this season, we saw the “Chicago PD” character connect with school teacher and student activist, Celeste. From the get-go, they clicked, igniting a serious relationship. While the pair seem well-suited to each other, we have one problem.

Celeste is unaware of Atwater’s true profession.

The case has been such across the last several episodes. However, one “Chicago PD” showrunner revealed that may not be much longer.

Showrunner Gwen Sigan shared previously, “Atwater’s lies put him in a tricky position–both morally and on the job.”

She added the return of “Chicago PD” will explore some of the “deep territory” the officer’s navigated this season. Overall, he will have to face Celeste and the lie he’s been living. That’s in addition to facing his identity as both a cop and as a black man. Together, the three intertwine to demonstrate more of the reform theme that “Chicago PD” has been exploring lately.