‘Chicago PD’ Will ‘Explore’ Burgess and Ruzek When Show Returns in 2022

by Megan Molseed

Chicago PD may be taking a mid-season break during the holiday season, but thankfully, Chicago PD showrunners are sharing information about what we can expect as the popular procedural series returns to our television screens in 2022.

As TVLine reports, fans of the popular NBC series can expect to spend more time with Chicago PD officers Kim Burges and Adam Ruzek as their family dynamic, and friendship continue to grow. When the popular police procedural drama returns to the airwaves in the new year, the pair will be exploring what their relationship is, and where they will go from there.

“We’ve got some really exciting Burgess/Ruzek episodes coming up,” says Chicago PD showrunner Gwen Sigan in a recent conversation with TV Line.

‘Chicago PD’s’ Burgess And Ruzek Will Be Making Big Plans In 2022

Chicago PD’s Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess have been staying in the background for much of the police procedural’s ninth season.

This is probably a good thing, overall, for Marina Squerciati’s Kim Burgess. The Chicago PD officer faced some horrifying moments at the end of the NBC drama’s eighth season when she was assaulted, shot, and kidnapped.

The two officers have certainly not been at the forefront of PD’s ninth season storylines. However, Chicago PD fans have seen their friendship continue to grow.

Especially after Burgess’s harrowing ordeal. Once she escaped, Patrick Flueger’s Adam Ruzek stepped in to take care of Burgess’s daughter, Makayla.

As of now, their relationship remains platonic. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the second half of Chicago PD’s ninth season brings us a Burgess/Ruzek romance.

“They’re in such an interesting, complicated place,” Gwen Sigan tells TVLine.

“They’re a makeshift family,” the showrunner continues. Currently platonic but there’s always that chemistry there.”

The Chicago PD executive producer goes on to note that one major element of Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek’s relationship is that the closeness they share brings about some confusion. The boundaries between the two are entirely unclear. And, things will likely remain this way until they make a move in one direction or the other.

“It’s a unique relationship with no clear boundaries,” Sigan explains.

“The second section of this season really explores that territory,” she adds.

But, the showrunner notes, this exploration will likely not come easy for the two officers. Especially since pretty much every element of their relationship needs to be addressed.

“Do they need clear boundaries?” the executive producer says.

“Can this family function how they want it to?” Sigan continues. “What does it all mean for Makayla?”