‘Chicago PD’: Did Detective Hailey Upton Make History During This Crossover Event?

by Jacklyn Krol

Did the Chicago PD character Detective Hailey Upton make television history?

It’s quite possible! Upton is portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos on the show, as she joined beginning in the fourth season. She quickly became a fan favorite and her character crossed over into the Fire and Med Chicago series. However, her character was able to crossover into a separate series and another network. So how did it happen? Creator Dick Wolf.

Detective Upton appeared in a 2020 episode of Wolf’s CBS drama, FBI. He made the big announcement in 2019 and planned to do the crossover with one of his NBC shows, it just so happened to turn out to be Chicago PD. The decision was on what story made the most sense.

Wolf told Variety that the cross-network crossover was his idea. “CBS and NBC both want to do it – whether they can figure it out is above my pay grade,” he said. Per the AV Club, he said at that time that “to my knowledge, it has never been done.”

Despite it not happening often because of logistics and network competition, it has happened before on a few occasions. The character of The Flash, which was featured on his The CW series also appeared on Supergirl which was on CBS. The DC character Lucifer also appeared on both Fox, Netflix, and The CW. Back in the day, The Practice and Ally McBeal with ABC and Fox crossed over in 1997. It wasn’t quite making history but it is on a very short and impressive list of feats.

A ‘Chicago PD’ Wedding?

Chicago PD viewers were thrilled when they finally witnessed Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay Halstead and Tracy Spiridakos’s Hailey Upton get married. Most fans did not envision it to be in a courthouse with just the couple in attendance.

In an interview with TV Line, the actors and creators discussed the ceremony and the potential for a future big ceremony.

If they were ever going to have a celebration, I think it would be like everyone meet at a bar, like, ‘We’re all having beers and celebrating the fact that we got married without you.” It would be more of an afterthought. Of course, Voight would come,” Soffer told the outlet.

Spiridakos doesn’t believe that they would have a big party. “I don’t think Hailey would. I think the attention of a big celebration would actually make her shy. Plus, that’s not really her style. I think if there was a big celebration, Voight would be invited. They’re all a big family,” she explained.

Showrunner Gwen Sigan shared, “It’s so fitting to me that this is how it happened for these two characters. They’ve been through so much together (this season especially) and this was a completely emotional decision made inside a moment — they wanted something good, they wanted something permanent that made all the events of the episode worthwhile, they wanted connection — and they didn’t want to wait another second.”