‘Chicago PD’: Did Voight Make a Bad Decision?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Last time on Chicago PD, Voight called in his new informant. But judging by next week’s promo, that may have been a bad decision.

During the January 12th episode, Voight and the team hit some snags while trying to bust the lead of the Los Temidos gang. And after losing their contact, Jimmy, Detective Voight decided to bring in Anna Avalos.

Avalos proved to be of some help after she discovered that Jimmy took $75,000 from another dealer and had a bounty on his head.

But it looks like Avalos’ involvement may stir up some trouble next week.

In an official NBC promo, Voight and Avalos share some words about her going undercover with the cartel. He clearly has reservations about the situation, but she thinks she “can handle it.”

However, when she meets with some of the dealers, she ends up with a gun to her throat. And according to the episode synopsis, the reason she winds up in danger is that her gig gets blown.

Obviously, a failed operation is the last thing that Voight needs. Because of the Roy Walton coverup, his career is on rocky ground. And to make matters worse, his already tense relationship with Halstead is in an even more precarious spot.

Be sure to catch the episode this Wednesday (Jan.19) on NBC at 10/9 pm CT.

‘Chicago PD’: Atwater’s Lies are Catching Up To

Kevin Atwater has been juggling a double life on Chicago PD. Because of that, he’s been loose with his lies. And after watching last week’s episode, we’re wondering how far the officer is willing to take them.

During an interview with TV Insider, Atwater’s actor LaRoyce Hawkins spoke about his latest moral dilemma.

In an intense Season 9 Episode 11 moment, Atwater got into a standoff with his Los Temidos contact, Jimmy. The drug dealer had found out that Atwater was an undercover cop. And on top of that, his brother had died in a shooting, so Jimmy was in a frantic place. And while Atwater was trying to talk him down, he told him that he would cover for Jimmy and say the situation was self-defense.

And after all the lies Kevin Atwater is juggling at the moment, it made fans wonder—would he have followed through with his word?

According to LaRoyce Hawkins, he may have.

“He wanted to think that he could,” he told TV Insider. “I think Atwater kind of saw the direction it was going, which kind of broke his heart all the way up until that moment. I think he tried to hold on to what Jimmy had already let go of, by the decision he made.”

“Obviously, you have to feel like you have a chance, a fighting chance. That’s why you put yourself in that moment,” he continued. “That’s why you rise to that occasion because there’s a faith you have in yourself and what you’ve built and who you are and how you can save a life.”