‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Starting to Come Around on This Character

by Joe Rutland

Those who tune into Chicago PD on a regular basis love specific characters. But there is one they are starting to come around to liking.

Right now, there are so many of them filling up TV screens tuned into the One Chicago franchise on NBC. Which one could it be? We are going to get some help about this from an article on Looper.

The character that fans are starting to love is Adam Ruzek, played by Patrick Flueger. A thread on Reddit was discussing a Season 9 episode titled End of Watch. This Redditor writes: “Gotta say I really like the character growth of Ruzek. The apology to Kim, the taking accountability for being wrong … all around great acting and improvement of his hot-headed behavior in the past.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Really Digging This Relationship Between Ruzek, Burgess

“I REALLY want them to define this weird relationship they’re having right now, though.” Kim refers to Kim Burgess, played by Mariana Squerciati on Chicago PD. Where did Ruzek come from after all? He was recruited from the police academy so that he could do undercover work.

But Ruzek’s naivety, combined with an overeagerness, sometimes earns him the ire of his coworkers. Chicago PD fans are, though, finding some redeeming qualities in him.

Another fan on Reddit writes: “Am I the only one who thinks it’s about time for Adam and Kim to finally get their act together and like make a stand on the status of their relationship?” This Redditor replies: “Well that ending was pretty telling,” referring to when Burgess tells Ruzek, “Let’s go home.” 

End of Watch finds Ruzek seeking some from a former mentor. This is really atypical for Ruzek to be stopping and really thinking about his actions. Still, it shows a bit of character growth and heads are turning on Chicago PD about this change.

Colorful Characters Dot The Screen During Police Drama on NBC

Fans of the show know that there are a lot of colorful characters in law enforcement. The show, besides Flueger, stars Jason Beghe, LaRoyce Hawkins, Amy Morton, and Tracy Spiridakos.

Longtime viewers know that Detective Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Beghe, can be a sneaky one. He has this gruff response, along with the emotional response, too, that definitely adds some color and personality to the NBC drama.

Burgess worked for an airline before becoming a police officer. She had to work her way up to becoming an intelligence officer. Hailey Upton, played by Spiridakos, shows up as a stoic, adamant police officer with an attention to detail. Chicago PD is definitely one of those unique shows that want to cater to the viewers consistently.