‘Chicago PD’ Fans Are Still Angry How Sophia Bush Exited the Show

by Joe Rutland

Oh, some TV show’s fans will not let things go that mattered. For instance, Chicago PD fans are angry over the exit of star Sophia Bush.

Bush, who played Detective Erin Lindsey for the show’s first four seasons, did leave. She’s back on primetime TV, though, on CBS with her new show, Good Sam. Bush plays Dr. Samantha Griffith on the show.

Now, what do these fans have to say? Let’s go to an article from Looper and check it out.

A show like Chicago PD will have a lot of turnover in its cast members.

Such was the case with Bush, who was written off the show in Season 4.

‘Chicago PD’ Viewers Air Their Tantrums Over How Actress Was Tossed From Show

We now turn our attention to a Reddit thread titled “Sophia Bush Departing ‘Chicago P.D.’ After Four Seasons.”

One Chicago PD fan complains, “Whaaaat.. she was basically the main character, and her and Hank’s relationship are a huge part of the series. I’m shocked.”

This fan says, “WOW… I’m definitely surprised. … she’s such an integral character on the show…losing her is a huge blow.”

Another Reddit thread is titled “Who else will stop watching now that Sophia Bush is gone?” and this Chicago PD fan had enough.

“I watched it for Erin and her development on the show … and now I find out Sophia is leaving and won’t be in S5,” the fan writes. “I’m out!!”

So, if you are a fan who does enjoy this show, then know you can watch it along with other One Chicago franchise shows on NBC.

Bush Has New Show Airing On Same Night As Her Former NBC Show

Talk about getting some revenge against her old show! Well, Sophia Bush has done just that with Good Sam.

This CBS show will air on Wednesday nights. That is the same time where the actress appeared on Chicago PD for four seasons.

Chicago PD fans know it well.

Good Sam airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Right up against her old show.

One Chicago Center states that CBS’s decision may not bode too well for the actress nor the new series as a whole.

While longtime fans miss her, Chicago PD did gain quite a loyal fanbase over the five seasons in which the actress has been gone.

What is NBC’s plan? They probably hope that they gain some of those same fans as viewers for Good Sam.

Let’s get honest for a sec. Isn’t the hope that both networks will get some traction from Bush being on the show formerly and on her new show? We will see who wins in the end.