‘Chicago PD’ Fans Aren’t in Love with This Season 9 Upton Storyline

by Lauren Boisvert

When it comes to any show, including “Chicago PD,” fans are usually very vocal about what they like and dislike. If writers and producers follow fan reactions to their shows, that can help them weed out bad storylines, or create new ones.

Fans of “Chicago PD” have previously taken to Reddit to discuss their opinions on their favorite show. One such opinion came in the current season, during the beginning of the Roy Walton drama. In some fans’ opinions, Upton seemed a little too upset that she shot and killed a kidnapper and murderer.

Not that she shouldn’t have remorse for taking a life, but fans believed he deserved it. This is the guy who kidnapped, beat, and shot Burgess and then went after Upton and Voight. In hindsight, it looks like self-defense. So, why was Upton so torn up over it? Was it the mere fact that she killed someone? Or was this just a case of overzealous writing?

“I am so annoyed with this Hailey storyline … she’s having a mental breakdown because a seriously bad dude, who killed [and] trafficked women, got his comeuppance … It just makes no sense,” one fan wrote on the October 6 episode’s Reddit thread.

“I totally agree,” replied another. “My problem with Hailey’s storyline is that they are making it seem like she killed the guy for no reason, in cold blood … in my eyes killing Roy was justified to protect her and Voight.” 

Many saw Roy’s killing as self-defense. If it was, though, then why the cover-up, and why the extreme remorse from Upton? Others felt the killing was justified, based on what Roy did to Burgess. All in all, this is one aspect of Upton’s storyline that fans just couldn’t get their heads around.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Reveal Favorite Episode of All Time

Based on ratings from IMDb, the most popular “Chicago PD” episode with fans was the season 5 finale, “Homecoming.” The episode closes out an arc that spanned the season, with Detective Olinsky being brought to the hospital after being stabbed in prison.

Meanwhile, Voight is about to make some backhanded deal with Denny Woods; admitting to the murder of Jason Bingham if Woods drops the charges against Olinsky. But, Olinsky ended up dying from his injuries. The moment the surgeon broke the news to Voight was curt and unemotional; an interesting choice given the effect this would have on Voight and audiences alike.

Voight promised to find the guy who stabbed Olinsky. He took matters into his own hands, as usual, when they finally found the guy; Voight beat him bloody in a storage closet and claimed the guy attacked him instead. Later, Voight finds the man who stabbed Olinsky and shoots him while he’s unarmed, begging for his life.

There’s a lot about morals and revenge in this episode. The team does everything in their power to get the guy who killed Olinsky, but at what cost? Voight goes out of control, and it’s almost vigilantism in the police department. Despite this, “Homecoming” is still “Chicago PD” fans’ favorite episode