‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans are Begging Jesse Lee Soffer Not to Leave

by Samantha Whidden

Following a cryptic Instagram post through Jesse Lee Soffer’s account, fans are now begging the Chicago P.D. star to not leave the hit series quite yet.

The post in question reads, “Tonight opens up a whole can of worms. Who knows where it goes from here. Where are my die hard PD fans at, you ready for this stuff?! #ChicagoPD.”

This left Chicago P.D. fans wondering if Soffer is considering leaving the show. “You better not be leaving!! ” One fan declared. 

Another fan also commented on the post with, “I’m here and ready as long as Jay doesn’t leave the unit and you don’t leave the show.”

According to One Chicago Center, Soffer’s Chicago P.D. character Jay Halstead has been dealing with some major life changes during the show’s ninth season. The character is only struggling with the trauma from his military past, he also recently discovered that his fiance Hailey Upton (played by Tracy Spiridakos) has been working with Sergeant Hank Voight to cover up a murder.  So it seems like things are getting rough for Halstead.

Despite the issues, One Chicago Center believes that Soffer won’t be leaving Chicago P.D. anytime soon. But there are some difficult things that the character will be going through very soon. 

Is the Wedding Between ‘Chicago P.D.’ Characters Halstead and Upton Called Off?

During a recent interview, Soffer discussed what’s going to happen between Halstead and Upton and if the wedding between the two Chicago P.D. characters is actually going to happen. 

When asked if his Chicago Med brother Will Halstead will be the best man, Soffer stated, “I think it’s going to be so bumpy at first. That I don’t foresee Will needing to help Jay with his Best Man’s speech. I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Soffer also shared that if Will is involved, then that would mean that everything is going well and is probably running smoothly for Jay. “Because maybe the marriage is really going to happen.

Meanwhile, while chatting with CinemaBlend, Soffer said he doesn’t think his Chicago P.D. character is going to get a promotion. “The next rank is sergeant, and we have Sergeant Voight. So I think the only way for Jay to get a promotion to sergeant would be for Voight to get a promotion.”

Soffer then said that he thinks Jay’s a lead-by-example guy and he hopes that he would rise to the challenge of fighting for a leadership position within intelligence.

“I don’t know. But I don’t know if we’re gonna see any of that. I think there’s gonna be a lot that goes on between Jay and Voight before anything like that happens.”