‘Chicago PD’ Fans Debate Why Lindsay and Halstead’s Romance Was the Show’s Best

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Last week saw the premiere of “Chicago PD’s” midseason finale. With that, many fans were ecstatic to see Officers Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton finally share wedding vows. However, amid the excitement, many others are debating why Lindsay and Halstead’s romance was actually the best on the show.

According to Looper, prior to Lindsey’s (Sophia Bush’s) exit from “Chicago PD,” the relationship between her character and Jay Halstead was singled out by The Hollywood Reporter as the NBC series’ “most beloved couple.” Since her departure, fans have longed for the character’s return though clearly, the actress has found greener pastures elsewhere, over on her own medical drama, “Good Sam.”

Nevertheless, their relationship marked a memorable one for “Chicago PD.” As such, fans continue to debate why the pair made the best romantic coupling on the show.

Primarily, one top Reddit comment reads, “[It’s] not even their relationship they just had such good natural chemistry and their banter was top tier.” Romance is always important when it comes to developing fictional relationships. However, it’s always more engaging with witty banter.

In response, one fan wrote, “I know! After Sophia Bush left the show lost some of its charm.”

Surely fans feel differently, especially since Upstead has had such a long build-up. However, “Chicago PD” continues to reflect on the impact Sophia Bush’s absence has on the show.

‘Chicago PD’ Stars Reflect On Their Characters’ Impromptu Wedding

For those still shipping “Linstead” over on “Chicago PD,” we’re sorry to say that, even if there was ever to be a Lindsey return, things would not move forward as previously hoped. As aforementioned, Halstead and Upton celebrated their impromptu wedding on Wednesday. That said, fans were ecstatic to see the two reunite after struggling throughout the first half of season nine.

Further, following the midseason finale, Halstead and Upton actors, Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos, spoke on their celebration.

“I feel like the relationship was so fractured for a little while,” Spiridakos said. Her character and Halstead’s relationship nearly fell apart after the latter found out about Roy Walton’s murder/coverup.

But, “this moment was a moment between them to kind of just show that we’re in this together, we can get through this together,” the “Chicago PD” actress explained.

In addition, Jesse Lee Soffer shared, “I also think it was a closure to the whole Roy storyline, the North storyline, the FBI coming after them, and that this could be the dissolution of the unit.” But, after Soffer’s character found a way in which to move past the situation and keep both himself, Upton, and Voight out of jail, the wedding served as a marker to the end of the situation.

“[T]o put it all to bed,” Soffer explained, “it’s like the next logical step is closure…The next thing that’s in our lives is this.”