‘Chicago PD’ Fans Debate One Moment Between Halstead and Voight

by Joe Rutland

There has to be something that Chicago PD fans are not happy with when they watch the show sometimes. Now, it has to do with two stars.

It is not an actual crisis between Jesse Lee Soffer and Jason Beghe. But this moment between Detective Jay Halstead and Sergeant Hank Voight raises their ire and we get to the bottom of it.

By the way, Halstead and Voight are Soffer’s and Beghe’s characters on Chicago PD. Let’s go to a story from Looper for some help.

The NBC police drama always has someone in charge at Intelligence. It has been Voight since the show’s debut in 2014.

‘Chicago PD’ Season 9 Episode Shows Jay Reaching His Boiling Point

Halstead has had enough, though. In a Season 9 episode titled A Way Out, fans were both surprised, angry, and ticked at Jay’s ultimatum to Hank about working as equals.

Over on Reddit, one fan posts a thread titled “I might be done with Chicago pd soon…tonight’s episode was disappointing.”

The Redditor writes, “At the end with that cocky look on his [Jay’s] face is infuriating. His attitude is so holier than thou and it’s old. I miss the old episodes where hank was respected by his whole team.”

Another Chicago PD fan says, “I am patiently waiting for Voight to right this ship because the power dynamic is completely out of wack [sic]… Jay is scolding him like a child.”

One more for the Redditor fans? Here you go: “I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion… but I am done with the show.”

If you are looking to keep up with this season’s antics on Chicago PD, then tune in to NBC on Wednesday nights.

Soffer Offers A LIttle Teaser About Different Dynamic Between These Two

Well, what might be different between these two Chicago PD mainstays? Soffer offers a word or two in an interview with CinemaBlend.

“I mean, there’s always conflict with the two characters,” Soffer says. “Cases getting away, things happen, you know. There’s secrets, there’s always something going on. So that’ll continue. I’m excited to see this different dynamic between Voight and Jay play out a little bit. And maybe have Voight bring Jay into the fold a little bit more and lean on him a little bit more. You know, I think that that’s going to be interesting for the fans.”

Soffer knows that Halstead has done some sketchy things in the past, like dating a drug dealer while on the force. Voight also has stepped into “the dark side.”

What will it look like if they both do have a different dynamic? Holy Toledo. Look out, fans of this NBC police drama.