‘Chicago PD’ Fans Debate Who Voight’s Favorite Is

by Maria Hartfield

Chicago PD‘s Detective Sergeant Henry “Hank” Voight leads the series band of law enforcement personnel. The fan-favorite character played by Jason Beghe first appears in Chicago PD‘s sister show Chicago Fire as a selfish and corrupt police officer. As it turns out, Voight was acting undercover in an attempt to catch dishonest cops.

Due to his impressive work history, Voight takes command of the 21st District Intelligence Unit in the Chicago Police Department. Voight goes above and beyond for his team as well as the many victims and survivors they help. Avid fans of the series know Voight’s no-nonsense attitude well when it comes to capturing criminals.

Voight’s team includes Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), and several others. So, given a team with so much talent, who does Voigt favor most? Fans weigh in on the detective’s preferred colleague.

Chicago PD Fans Vote on Voight’s Favorite Yeam Member

Avid Chicago PD viewers think Officer Kim Burgess comes in as Voight’s top teammate.

Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, is a police officer in the CPD Intelligence Unit. A former flight attendant, Burgess works extremely hard at her job as a patrol officer making her a good candidate for Intelligence. Her good sense of character comes out when she catches a woman shoplifting bread to feed her son. In response, Burgess pays for it and turns on the shopkeeper threatening fines for faulty licenses. Another incident shows Burgess discovering kidnapped children hidden in a hoarder’s basement.

Audiences Weigh in on Reddit

User leixo18_4 sparked a conversation on Reddit saying, “Anyone else feels like Voight has always had a soft spot for Burgess? I started to notice around season 2.”

“Absolutely, I think he sees a lot of what he wants police to be in her,” posted DomNessMonster07 in agreement. “I feel like Voight sees Kim as the strongest member yet also the most fragile, she’s dealt with that much yet was still able to come in and be a good cop, and that is something which only she has had to such an extreme.”

The results are in and it seems the overwhelming consensus is Voight has developed a sense of fondness for Officer Burgess.

In the same vein, u/IndividualConcept75 mentions that it’s not just Voight, but everyone that likes Burgess. It’s not that she’s Voight’s favorite, but perhaps Halstead or Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) instead. Reddit user feistyboy72 made a joke that even though Kim appears to be the favorite, Voight really has an affection for all of his crew. User u/claricebr83 agrees stating that Voight appreciates all of his colleagues for their own respective reasons.

In conclusion, fans seem to be in agreement that Burgess sparks Voight’s attention. However, his devotion doesn’t stop at Burgess but spans across the rest of his team as well.