‘Chicago PD’ Fans Giddy After Team Learned of Halstead and Upton’s Marriage

by Anna Dunn

Chicago PD fans are thrilled after the team learned of Halstead and Upton’s marriage in a recent episode. The show just came back, and it’s already dropped some big news. Fans of the show, and the other shows in the One Chicago franchise, are typically in it not only for the story but the characters.

And Chicago PD has woven quite the love story over the past five years. So people are pretty emotionally invested in the relationship between Halstead and Upton. The two characters have had their ups and downs, but their story is really sweet.

And now, there have been some wedding bells that the rest of the characters finally found out about. Hailey Upton, played by actress Tracy Spiridakos, has officially married Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer. Fans love Upton, but Halstead is the heart and soul of the show, being on it since its first-ever episode. Fans have seriously rooted for Halstead and feel this relationship with Upton is good for him.

Halstead and Upton were paired together following the departure of Erin Lindsay in season 5. And what started out as a professional relationship turned into friendship. And that friendship quickly turned into something more. In season 9, there was a proposal and subsequent engagement.

But they wanted to keep their wedding in episode 9 of season 9 pretty quiet, taking a very casual approach. While at a crime scene, Hank Voight spots the wedding band on Upton’s hand and observes that the two got married.

Fans Took to Twitter to Express their Excitement

Many Chicago PD fans ran over to Twitter to talk about the development. While a big wedding is always fun, most fans are in agreement that just casually getting married without telling anyone is totally them.

“The shirt, the rings, him on her desk, I can’t do this guys,” one fan wrote about the episode.

“being casually married is so them,” another fan observed.

The scene where the two take down a suspect together has since been dubbed the “husband and wife takedown” thanks to the recent developments.

How To Watch ‘Chicago PD’

If all of this sounds fun to you but you haven’t caught up, there are multiple ways to watch Chicago PD. The show is available on both Hulu and Peacock. It’s also available for purchase should you choose to go that route instead.

If you want to catch the next episode of Chicago PD as it airs, the show airs every Wednesday night at 10/9 Central on NBC. But if you’re a fan of the other two shows in the franchise, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, you should tune in at 8/7 Central to start with Chicago Med and catch all three.