‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Are Hoping for a New Character

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders have only days left until “Chicago P.D.” returns to screens. Now, the midseason return promises a host of new storylines. With that, fans have taken to Reddit to share their desire for a brand new character.

U/iloveonechicago posted on the platform recently about whether or not “Chicago P.D.” will add a new character to the crew. They wrote, “Does anyone else think that they might add a new member of intelligence in the 2nd half of the season?”

The Redditor supported their claim stating that “Chicago Fire” has recently added paramedic Violet Mikami as a season regular. That’s not to mention the series’ latest addition, Brett Dalton as Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Over on “Chicago Med,” they provided other examples, stating the “One Chicago” drama added three new doctors just this season.

The user concluded with, “it wouldn’t surprise me if P.D. adds someone new too, especially since there’s been no change in the unit since Rojas!”

Additional “Chicago P.D.” fans took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Hope so,” began one Redditor. “Unfortunately it seems like most of the detectives and tech people in Chicago seem to have realized their families would get slaughtered if they transferred to Intelligence.”

An interesting point to make. Still others pointed to the bonds between the unit’s current members and a lack of room for a new face.

“I would love for them to add someone new but the current crew is so tight that it’s hard for someone new to come in (in my opinion),” another wrote.

Thus far, “Chicago P.D.” showrunners have given no evidence of a potential new character. However, they do plan to turn the show onto several different storylines.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Sees Developing Storylines with Midseason Return

Much of the first half of “Chicago P.D.’s” season nine has put a major focus on three prime characters. These include Sergeant Hank Voight and Officers Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

Now, however, following the midseason finale, the major storyline of the season is seemingly, finally, behind us. Now, showrunners have an opportunity to explore storylines surrounding the unit’s other dynamic characters.

Most notably, previews have shown that, as of “Chicago P.D’s” return on Wednesday, January 5th, Officers Burgess and Ruzek will face some personal problems of their own. The new storyline comes as one preview features Burgess telling the other officer they need to set boundaries regarding their relationship and the relationship they both share with the female officer’s adopted daughter Makayla.

Additionally, the new episode’s synopsis promises the two “Chicago P.D.” characters are in for a world of surprise as someone from Makayla’s past shows up.

Meanwhile, showrunners have also promised that Outsiders will get further development regarding Officer Kevin Atwater‘s relationship with school teacher, Celeste.

While the two sparked an immediate attraction, Celeste remains unaware of Atwater’s genuine occupation as a cop. And as a black man, his choice to keep that particular aspect of his life hidden from her will cause the character to question his identity both as a law enforcement officer and an individual overall.