‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Have a Hunch That One Major Character Is Leaving the Show

by Kati Michelle

Uh-oh! Cue up the Weezer and “Say it Ain’t So!” Some fans of the Dick Wolf Productions-led “Chicago P.D.” think the future of the show might be hanging in the air. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the current ratings. The whole of the One Chicago franchise has kept a steady viewership for a little while now. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that one major character might be leaving the series.

So, Outsiders, who is this asset that might be putting on his boots that are made for walking? Well, it’s none other than Jason Beghe’s Voight character. Now, we’re not telling you to sound the alarms quite yet. But at the same time, we’re not exactly telling you not to either. The evidence and debate come from another Reddit thread that’s been gaining some traction.

Fans Debate Whether or Not the Show Might Be Swapping Halstead for Voight

The fans point to several key pieces of evidence that “Chicago P.D.” might be changing in the near future.

“Network tv is supposedly grueling to film and Jason getting older maybe wants less time,” reads the first theory. And it’s one that actually makes a lot of sense. It’s the same reason that “NCIS” went on without Mark Harmon’s Gibbs character after nearly two decades.

The next point that the fans bring up is a little touchier:

“Hank’s style is probably an issue for the writers given the political climate we live In. They have to balance him or they get flack for letting a ‘bad cop’ win.”

Not everyone agreed with this statement, though, and one fan wrote in response:

“I don’t think they would get flack for Hank being a ‘bad cop’ because he isn’t a ‘bad cop.’ He treats everyone equally in the sense that it’s not based on gender or race. In fact, a lot of people seem to be ok with Hank’s policing because he is a fair cop who just happens to bend the rules sometimes.”

Could ‘Chicago P.D.’ Survive Without Jason Beghe?

Could “Chicago P.D.” actually survive without one of its most popular characters? Most of the fans of this Reddit thread don’t seem to think so.

“I was thinking about this and I also feel that Jason Beghe is leaving. I hope not,” said one of the top comments.

“As I said many times, if Voight/Jason leaves, it should be the end of the series, there can’t be Chicago PD without Hank Voight, for God’s sake,” another added.

“I totally agree with you. And I really do hope that if someone leaves, from today’s cast in general, it’ll be for the final season,” said in response to the last.