‘Chicago PD’ Fans Noticed a Subtle Detail About Voight

by Chase Thomas

Episode 6 of Chicago PD is out, but did you notice what a subtle, easily-missable nugget with Voight on the latest episode? We wouldn’t blame you if you did, but Voight and Halstead’s relationship is still as chilly as ever.

Twitter user @upsteadfiles wrote on Twitter, “anyone else notice how Voight hasn’t been addressing Halstead? and Jay still giving him the cold-shoulder? for once the writers are doing a great job showing the distance between the two #ChicagoPD”.

This makes sense if you remember what happened with Voight and Upton in the last season. Remember, Voight made a huge choice in helping Upton cover up the killing of Roy Walton and now Halstead knows about it. This all came to a head at the end of season 8 of Chicago PD.

However we are in season 9 now, and these issues have not gone away. Jay is not just going to trust Voight after the events from the last season. It is believable and quality storytelling to keep the distance and issues between the two. Also, it has us wondering when their issues will come to the forefront of the program. It is safe to assume the issues between Voight, Halstead and Upton only get worse as this season continues on.

Now What on Chicago PD?

Twitter user @Mandy86 tweeted, “Yes I appreciate the continuation instead of acting like all is well. You can see the tension still very much exists between Hank and Jay #ChicagoPD.”

The acting between Hank and Jay really sold their issues on the new episode, didn’t it? This is going to be a problem for these two characters going forward. Remember, just a few episodes ago, after Halstead learned about what happened between Upton and Hank, he gave him a shinner. The relationship is more than fractured at this point, and it seems unlikely that it can ever be fixed. What say you, Outsiders, can this relationship be fixed or are things about to get even worse between these two characters after being away from one another in this latest episode? At the very least, it is going to be quite interesting to see who comes out the victor in this feud: Jay or Hank.

Chicago PD has been on television since 2014. It operates in the same cannon as Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. New episodes of the program are released every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST on NBC. All previous eight seasons of the show are available to be streamed on the Peacock streaming service.