‘Chicago PD’ Fans Really Love One Episode Above Others

by Joe Rutland

When Chicago PD fans think about their favorite episodes, which one do you think they have in mind? Well, there is one that tops their list.

This time, though, fans get support for their choices thanks to IMDb. See, this episode tops the list produced by the movie and TV show website. We’ll get some insights from an article on Looper. So, this most popular episode is actually the Season 5 season finale titled Homecoming.

The episode starts with Detective Alvin Olinsky, played by Elias Koteas, getting rushed to the hospital. He suffers wounds after getting stabbed in prison. Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, is about to make a deal with Lieutenant Denny Woods, played by Mykelti Williamson.

‘Chicago PD’ Episode Would Give Voight A Much Sought-After Confession

This would give Voight a confession to the murder of Kevin Bingham and Woods would drop charges against Olinsky. But on Chicago PD, Voight gets the news that Olinsky has been stabbed. He eventually dies. It leaves Intelligence working to process their grief. Also, they are going all out to find the cat who ordered that hit.

The unit finds Carlos DeLeon, played by Jason Martinez, and Voight shoots him dead in self-defense. Woods gets busy bribing Bingham’s girlfriend, played by Deborah Rayne, to give testimony incriminating Voight.

All of this just ends up being a setup as the “girlfriend” is really an undercover cop. This Chicago PD episode ends with Woods getting arrested by Internal Affairs. Voight goes up on the roof and gets busy trying to drink away his own inner pain.

Maybe Emotional Payoff At End of Episode Might Be Reason It Scores Big

Whew. That’s a lot of stuff going down on Chicago PD. See, this payoff may explain, combined with the undercover cop twist, about the Intelligence team’s commitment to the episode’s investigation, why Homecoming gets a top rating on IMDb.

It has a whopping 9.3 rating on the website, just edging out the Season 3 finale Start Digging and the Season 8 finale The Other Side at 9.2 each.

But the Chicago PD show adds its part to the One Chicago franchise. The shows make up a stellar night of programming on Wednesday nights. Show creator Dick Wolf is smiling from ear to ear, and he’s going to have another night of shows also on NBC after the Winter Olympics break. Yes, Law & Order will take up all of Thursday nights with the return of the OG show along with SVU and Organized Crime, to boot.

Right now, the police drama is in Season 9 and heads toward Season 10, too. There is a depth of amazing stories that make up the show’s backlog.