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‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Have an ‘Unpopular Opinion’ About One Character

by Joe Rutland
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Some fans of the NBC police drama Chicago P.D. are sharing what might be considered an “unpopular opinion” about a character.

Which one will it be about? So, Outsiders, the Reddit thread is titled, “unpopular Jay opinion right now?” OK, this is about Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer.

Redditor hannah_nj writes, “I’ve seen so many people calling him hypocritical/annoyed that he’s being so self-righteous right now but it felt like a perfectly logical progression of his character to me? from the beginning of the series, he’s always been the character who would stand up against Voight and actually question him, which is why in my opinion Voight appreciates him as a detective — he knows he has a counterpart.”

Voight is Detective Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe on Chicago P.D.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Fan Sees By-The-Books Stuff As A Progression If Jay Turns On Voight

The Redditor also writes that with all the extra attention on the police, it makes sense to her that Jay is the one this season who is paranoid about staying on the law’s right side. Finally, hannah_nj writes that people may not like the by-the-books stuff but the writer sees this as a progression if he turned on Voight.

Fan kryppla writes, “I feel like his current behavior fits exactly with how his character has been all along. He’s the Boy Scout. Always has been.” Then hannah_nj replies, “Agreed! he’s done bad things, but those weren’t meant to erode his boy scout personality away”.

So, Resting_Fox_Face writes about Chicago P.D., “Both the show and the Voight character need the counter weight that Jay provides. Even though Jay annoys me — he really does — OP is right, this arc is right in line with who Jay has been all along. You don’t have to be perfect to be someone who strives to be moral. But, as Al showed us, loyalty to Voight always has a price. So, it will be super interesting to see how they maneuver this with Jay.”

There are more comments about this but you can catch Chicago P.D. on NBC.

Jason Beghe Talks About Back-and-Forth Between Him, Show’s Writers

Beghe is a very experienced actor who does have a lot of respect for the writers on Chicago P.D.

What about dealing with the show’s writers? Beghe said that there is an open dialogue with the show’s actors. Beghe said this develops solid communication which helps the cast understand plotlines.

Beghe told TV Meg of his Chicago P.D. co-workers, “We have a very collaborative environment. Particularly with Ricky now running the show.”

The actor is talking about Chicago P.D. executive producer Rick Eid.

The actor said that “I’m highly respectful and he’s amazingly good.”