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‘Chicago PD’ Fans Want To See More of This Character

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

It’s apparent that a lot of Chicago PD fans really want to see more of this character on their TV screens. Who could it be?

Let’s see who those rabid fans on Reddit are calling for in the NBC police drama. This thread gives away the name in Trudy Platt, played by Amy Morton.

Redditor GenkiBunnie kicks us off by writing, “Pleeeeeease we need more episodes with Trudy. Most of the time she provides hilarious comic relief, but she’s also really sharp and provides a shoulder to lean on, even if people don’t want it.”

Then 1x54f writes, “She was phenomenal with the Nadia story arc. She really shined there.”

‘Chicago PD’ Fan Not Happy That Show’s Writers Aren’t Using Trudy Too Well

Chicago PD fan jjh2456 writes, “Once Kim went to Intelligence Trudy was pretty much sidelined. I’m mad that writers haven’t figured out what to do and it has been years at this point.” The Kim reference is to Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati. TakasuXAisaka replies, “Ironic that Trudy is more of a cop in Chicago Fire than in Chicago P.D”.

JPPT1974 chimes in and writes, “I think she is underused there. And that she really is my favorite. She adds comic relief with no-nonsense and toughness but still she has a heart of gold.”

Finally, Caffeinatedgreek writes, “I wish we got more of a relationship between her and Hailey considering she was literally the reason that Hailey became a cop in the first place. It seems like they brought up that story to never mention it again. It would have been really nice if Trudy was there during 7×16 or 8×11 to support Hailey as I assume she is the only one to have met Hailey’s father.” Hailey refers to Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos.

Chicago PD appears on Wednesday nights on NBC as part of the One Chicago franchise night.

Marina Squerciati Can Relate to Kim Burgess Character as ‘Working Mom’

Marina Squerciati totally can relate to Officer Kim Burgess, who is a new mom on Chicago PD.

Why can she? Because Squerciati is a working mother herself.

Burgess chatted with Chicago Sun-Times back in May. She opens up about being a working mom with a young daughter at home.

“It’s great as an actor because you don’t have all the tools at the beginning of an episode, right?” Squerciati said. “And you’re unpacking your box and learning how to deal with each thing as it comes up. Also as a working mom myself, it’s this constant hustle of trying to do your job while trying to take care of your kid and earn a living at the same time.”

Kim Burgess adopted a young girl named Makayla in Season 8.