‘Chicago PD’ Fans Weigh in on Who They Want To Be Their Partner

by Megan Molseed

We all like to imagine what life would be like on our favorite television shows. And, NBC’s Chicago PD invites its fans to get in the middle of their team, choosing their perfect partner in a recent post to social media.

In the Wednesday afternoon post, the Chicago PD Twitter page asked fans who they would pick to partner with while solving one of the many intriguing cases on the hit NBC drama series. And, fans were happy to respond.

“You’re brought into the 21st District to work the case…” the November 17 tweet says. “Who’s your #ChicagoPD partner?”

Of course, some Twitter users couldn’t pick just one of the Chicago PD team to work with on a case. In fact, it’s the whole One Chicago aspect of the entire franchise that makes them love the characters so much.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Want To Choose Them All!

“Literally can’t just choose one,” one Twitter user says in response to the Wednesday afternoon Tweet.

“we choose all of them!” they exclaim. “All or nothing! Team effort, always!”

Another user who has a lot to do with the Chicago PD series had the same idea asking if all of them is a valid answer to the difficult question.

“Can we choose all of them?” asks the OneChicago Twitter page. Our answer is all of them.

While other Chicago PD fans took to Twitter to share which character they would like by their side while solving a case.

I most definitely want to be Hank’s right hand,” says one Twitter user. However, this user gave a backup option as well, just in case the Chicago PD officer is not available.

“and if that’s not an option then definitely Adam!” the Chicago PD fans adds. “They are both good hearted and strong willed and definitely don’t take any crap from anyone!”

There’s Nothing Wrong With Going With The Experts!

Other users made their decisions on certain qualities, picking their Chicago PD partners based on their best quality. Even if the character isn’t a current member of the One Chicago police station.

“I’ll take O.G. Trudy Platt!” says one response to Chicago PD’s question.

“She’s got the city wired,” the Twitter user adds. “knows all the movers and shakers and not about the drama!”

Another user went for speed while making their decision, picking a member of the One Chicago Police Department that clearly brings some wheels to her chases.

“If I needed someone to run with it would be…” said a Twitter user who followed up her comment with a gif showing Marina Squerciati’s Kim Burgess hitting the pavement while chasing down a criminal.