‘Chicago PD’ Fans Wonder If Vanessa Rojas Will Ever Get Closure

by Kati Michelle

With a franchise as long-running as “One Chicago,” the fans have grown to expect certain things. They want to see character development, interesting plotlines, and any loose ends tied up in a neat little bow. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that closure isn’t always attainable. And it looks like some “Chicago PD” fans are learning that the hard way.

Lisseth Chavez portrayed Officer Vanessa Rojas on the show and her character was finally gaining some steam in the show’s seventh season. When the eighth season rolled around, though, it aired sans Chavez. It seemed that the show banished her to the Nether Realm, never to be heard from again. All this time and the fans are still waiting for a glimmer of an update.

‘Chicago PD’ Might Be Letting the Fans Down With This One

So is there any hope of some closure for the Vanessa Rojas character or are “Chicago PD” fans better off watching paint dry? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like fans will like the answer.

Originally, Lisseth’s exit from the show boiled down to the writers’ creative direction. Although they reportedly planned to give her character a proper exit before the end of the seventh season, COVID threw a wrench into their plans. To make up for it, the writers drafted up some closure for the first episode of the eighth season. They eventually trashed this idea too after it “felt too forced.”

The writers then promised to eventually address the situation, but this has yet to be seen and the fans are ticked. Just look to Reddit where one particular thread is gaining a lot of attention.

Redditors Call Out the Show for Their Lack of Transparency

“So I guess Rojas just disappeared huh?” reads the main post on the “Chicago PD” Reddit thread.

Several fans think they’ve spotted this pattern with female characters on the show before. One fan writes:

“The show has a bad habit of abruptly getting rid of female characters. I really liked Sumner, and felt that, especially with the ‘me too’ era, Julie Tay should’ve gotten some measure of justice rather than being unceremoniously sent back to meter-maid duty. Now, yeah, I guess Rojas has just quietly been disappeared from a unit that’s always been short on permanent female members…I guess that two’s the limit.”

The same fan went on to elaborate:

“I’m saying that, coincidently or not, good women characters have, unfortunately, left the show for whatever reason; unfortunate because there’s a deficit of female characters. I state this whilst acknowledging that the characters of Al, Sean Roman, Mouse, Sheldon Jin, Kenny Rixton, and Antonio Dawson have all left the show, but with the leaving of Al, Sean, Mouse, Jin, and Antonio having been somewhat impactful, at least.”