‘Chicago PD’ Fans Wonder If Vanessa Rojas Will Return

by Hannah Heser

There is one question that remains on the table. Chicago PD fans, do you think Lisseth Chavez’s character, Vanessa Rojas will return on the show?

Throughout the series, the audience has had to say goodbye to a couple of detectives. According to The List, Sophia Bush, Jon Seda, and Elias Koteas all left the show indefinitely. Since then, Chicago PD brought in Lisseth Chavez to portray Vanessa Rojas in the seventh season. During this time, she developed strong relationships with the other cast members. And fans are just hoping that she will return on the show.

A few years ago, a news outlet had an interview with the actress. During the interview, Chavez discussed how much Vanessa Rojas meant to her.

“I’m looking to explore and bring this character to life, and really tap into just everything,” Chavez explained. “She comes from the foster system so I want to tap into how she works as a team.”

It looks like Vanessa Rojas had an important role on the show. So, why do you think she left?

Why Vanessa Rojas Stopped Appearing in Chicago PD

Firstly, the pandemic started around this time, which forced everything to pause or cancel. You would think a show would want to pick back up where they left off, right? Well, apparently not this one. The showrunner, Rick Eid, revealed the reason for her departure.

“It’s always hard to say goodbye to a character. We tried to address it in the premiere, but it felt forced,” Eid explained. “We’re still working on it, though.”

Unfortunately, there are no further updates on Vanessa Rojas’s return. But there’s always a possibility.

Additionally, critics think her fearless and bubbly personality makes the character stand out. For example, the news outlet recorded what Chavez loved most about Vanessa Rojas.

“She’s just a tough, fearless, intuitive individual,” she said. “Her fearless personality just fits in with all the missions that they go into. She’s a survivor and I feel like she meets them at a really good time.”

Can’t you agree that Vanessa Rojas is a great addition to the show?

The Real Reason Lisseth Chavez Left the Series

According to a recent report, the actress tried to leave the show for years. The work and weather conditions made it almost impossible to film the show. At least, it wasn’t like anything she’s used to.

Not only did she despise the crucial conditons, but the role also affected her mentally. In an interview, she revealed that her body fell apart due to not being happy on the show.

It’s not easy making decisions, especially one that could affect an entire show. However, she realized that enough is enough and finally escaped the show.

So Outsiders, do you think she’ll reappear on the show or will it keep affecting her mental health?