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‘Chicago PD’ Finds Voight and Halstead on Equal Footing, But Will It Last?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Recently on “Chicago PD,” Voight relied on Halstead more than usual, and that has fans thinking if Voight and Halstead are finally equals. In the latest episode, Voight went to Halstead to get his opinion on how they should handle their criminal informant, Anna.

Halstead was determined to change their relationship after the events of the last half of the season. He wanted him and Voight on equal footing; Voight needed to tell the truth, no more lies or backhanded plots. It seems like Voight is taking that to heart, but how long can that last?

It seemed to be working out in the episode, at least. Voight took Halstead’s lead on their informant, and his plan worked. She wasn’t revealed to be an informant, and that saved her. The alternative, was Voight going rogue and possibly getting someone killed. He’s been risky in the past, but it looks like he’s ready to trust Halstead.

Previously, Voight wouldn’t have done that, or at least not brought Halstead into the loop. He was brash, took risks, and brought Halstead in on those risks. Now, Halstead is sick of it, and he wants things done right. This change in Voight’s character seems like the dawning of a new era. We just have to see now if it sticks.

‘Chicago PD’: Why Fans Are Loving Season 9

In a recent Reddit thread, a few fans got together to share why they’ve been loving “Chicago PD” season 9. The thread started with the episode “Don’t Trust Me.” One fan noted, “What was nice about this episode, and a few of the episodes this year, is that I don’t know where the episode is going to go. In old episodes, they were character-driven, which was great, don’t get me wrong, but the cases were usually not that hard to figure out. A lot more suspense this year, which I’m digging.”

Another fan agreed, and compared the writing style on “Chicago PD” to that of “Law & Order: SVU.” Not a huge stretch, as they were both created by Dick Wolf, but still a compliment nonetheless. Other comments described the season as “nail-biting” and “brilliant so far.”

Overall, fans are loving this season, as much as they loved season 1. It has kept the grit and mystery alive over 9 seasons, which is tough to do for so long. I can see “Chicago PD” lasting as long as “Law & Order” eventually; it’s got the great characters, interesting storylines, and complicated relationships that “Law & Order” has. Ignoring that they were made by the same person, “Chicago PD” has real potential to keep the story going for a long time. Only time will tell if Voight and Halstead can keep it together for that long, though.