‘Chicago P.D.’ and ‘Fire’ Fans Flood Social Media with Unanswered Questions from Current Seasons

by Shelby Scott

One Chicago” kicked off their latest seasons with some exciting new plot lines. Now, following the departure of “Chicago Fire’s” leading character and “Chicago P.D.‘s” romantic subplots, fans have flooded the franchise’s Twitter page with burning questions regarding ongoing events within each of the NBC hit shows.

“One Chicago” posted earlier today, “What unanswered questions do you have from this season of #OneChicago?” From there, fans went off. And many were uncertain where to start. However most prominently, regarding the franchise’s hit shows, fans had numerous questions surrounding both “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Fire.”

Several “Chicago P.D.” fans have been left wondering, “Will we get Sergeant Halstead?,” the question followed by several other fan inquirements. Additionally, regarding “One Chicago’s” irresistibly attractive Halstead brothers, one fan asked, “Will we get any Halstead brother scenes[?]”

Personally, I sure hope so. We’ve only seen Jay and Will Halstead make several crossovers in the franchise’s history, however each one serves as an insanely dynamic plot line contribution.

Meanwhile, still other fans had an onslaught of questions directed at “Chicago Fire.”

“When is Stella coming back?”

“Will Gallo rekindle his romance with Violet or will he date that guy’s assistant?” “that guy” being Gallo and Co.’s sponsor of their homemade brews.

“Who will replace Casey on Truck?”

And so, so many more. As far as Stella goes, we know her actress Miranda Rae Mayo has no intention of leaving “Chicago Fire.” So hopefully, we see her back soon. As for Gallo, hopefully this week’s episode gives us some kind of clue. And the open position on truck? For now, it appears “One Chicago” producers intend to keep us in the dark for now.

Regardless, as always, be sure to check back here Outsiders for the latest updates on your favorite “One Chicago” TV shows.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Reveals Thoughts About Near Send-Off

As I said before, the latest seasons for our favorite “One Chicago” shows have been anything but ordinary. However, during the “Chicago Fire” season 10 premiere, one of our longtime favorite characters nearly got killed off. Several weeks after the episode’s debut, that character Joe Cruz, played by Joe Minoso, has shared his thoughts regarding his character’s near death. And, as a result, his near-cut from the cast.

While the situation itself had to have been daunting at first, the revival of Joe Cruz following his near-drowning has opened several new doors for the character’s actor. In discussion with Tell Tale TV, Minoso said, “What’s great about it is they found something more interesting than just kind of, well, thankfully, killing me off.”

The actor explained how now, he’s able to explore new routes and facets of his character both as an individual and a firefighter. Immediately following Cruz’s revival and visit to the hospital, the following episodes saw the Squad 3 fireman struggling with PTSD. As a result, his trauma became debilitating, completely disabling him from correctly responding to emergencies and performing necessary duties.

Fortunately, it appears Cruz has overcome the immediate trauma resulting from his ordeal. However, Minoso did share, “I think we’re going to end up seeing a lot of leftover trauma for Cruz throughout the course of the season.”