‘Chicago P.D.’: Full Recap of Season 9, Episode 10 ‘Home Safe’

by Joe Rutland

There are a lot of storylines to keep up with on Chicago P.D. entering this new year. Did the show advance any of them Wednesday night?

Outsiders, let’s take a look and see what happened in Season 9, Episode 10 titled Home Safe.

We get some help in checking this out from TV Line.

Officer Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, and Officer Adam Ruzek, played by Patrick John Flueger, are raising Makayla Burgess, Kim’s adopted daughter, played by Ramona Edith Williams, together.

So, where does the trouble start in this Chicago P.D. episode? Ruzek can’t get Makayla from school because Burgess forgot to have him authorized. Burgess did arrive to clear it up, but Ruzek was ticked off.

It also might be a bit of a trouble spot for Ruzek. His latest case involves a girl named Brianna, close to Makayla’s age ad she was kidnapped. Who is the key suspect? Charlie, who is a registered sex offender. His house had paintings of various children, including one of the missing girl. Ruzek yacked Charlie’s ear off, but the man didn’t talk.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Gets Tip About Missing Girl From Guy Named Joseph

So, Charlie went home and found it vandalized by Brianna’s father, who was arrested. Ruzek finally got some info from Charlie, then warned the registered sex offender about hiring another kid.

This dude’s tip helped Intelligence zero in on a man named Joseph, who matched the description of Brianna’s abductor. Joseph hardly spoke much to Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer on Chicago P.D.

Joseph apparently lost his daughter, then tried using Brianna to replace her. It didn’t work out.

Intelligence tracked Brianna to a warehouse. Joseph did grab her by she hit her head against the wall.

Burgess thought more about her chat with Ruzek, telling him she knows that he loves Makayla and that Makayla loves him. But she is trying to protect her daughter.

Ruzek Asks For Makalya’s Permission To Live With Her, Burgess Permanently

While tucking Makayla in, Ruzek asked for her permission to live with them permanently, which Makayla granted. Burgess and Ruzek planned to move into a three-bedroom apartment, so he could have his own room rather than sleep on the couch.

However, the happy revelation was interrupted when Makayla mentioned a man who talked to her by the fence at her school. Alarmed, Burgess and Ruzek rushed to Makayla’s school the next day to check the school footage. The man in the video was Makayla’s paternal uncle, who filed a petition for full custody.

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