‘Chicago PD’: Full Recap of Season 9, Episode 11 ‘Lies’

by Jacklyn Krol
Barry Brecheisen, Getty Images

Chicago PD aired an epic episode on January 12, let’s dive into the details.

As always, warning: spoilers are ahead!

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) is the main character of this episode. His personal life and career are being juggled. He’s dealing with a major criminal case while dealing with his romantic relationship with Celeste (Amanda Payton). It came as a surprise to fans as his character hasn’t had a full storyline dedicated to him in quite some time.

The episode began with Kevin and Celeste deep in conversation. She surprised him with one of her students’ paintings. He didn’t even have time to appreciate it before he got a call to return to the station. Chicago PD fans were shocked to discover that he’s working undercover to attempt to stop the drastic number of fentanyl overdoses and drug trades.

We then meet Jimmy, his contact, who got arrested and discovered that Kevin is in fact an officer. Things get tricky when people begin to cross one another. It led to Jimmy being taken by local drug dealers. Because of this, Voight had to call his insider, Anna (Carmela Zumbado). Anna then found out that Jimmy took $75,000 from another dealer and had a bounty on him for his action. So then a shooting took place that left his brother Fernando, murdered.

Another Killing

Because Jimmy was so grief-stricken and felt guilty, he kidnapped Tover, the dealer who shot the gun that killed his brother. After taking him hostage, Kevin attempted to talk him into letting him go. But Kevin couldn’t convince him to do so and Jimmy shot and killed Tovar. They had to arrest him for the killing.

Burgess then urged Kevin to tell Celeste the truth about his job. He ended up revealing that he was a cop to her. She was shocked by his omission. However, he explained that he was worried if she would have broken up with him if she knew. She reassured him that she would have loved him regardless of his profession.

She ended up asking Kevin to leave her apartment. What will come of their relationship? How will he handle his personal life in shambles?

‘Chicago PD’ Teaser

Hawkins spoke to TV Insider to tease his upcoming plot and his own feelings about his character’s situation.

When asked if Kevin’s relationship was over, he responded, “She doesn’t say it’s over. That’s interesting.”

He seemingly believes that Kevin can fix things with Celeste. “I think this is an opportunity for Atwater to learn an important lesson,” he explained. “Where he can explore that space, where you ask yourself, where do we live from? And we can either live from where we want to be or from where we are. And Atwater, I think, can learn an important lesson in living from where he actually is and not from where he used to be or from where he used to understand, but what’s the reality?”

Although he wants the couple to succeed, he admitted that his character “dropped the ball” with the lie about his job.