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‘Chicago PD’: Is Halstead Going To Take the FBI Deal and Turn in Voight?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“One Chicago” fans impatiently wait for the midseason finale of “Chicago PD” and its sister shows. Meanwhile, we continue to wonder what will become of Sergeant Hank Voight. Hopefully, the next episode reveals whether Jay Halstead will take up the FBI offer and turn in the senior officer.

As you probably recall, the latest episode of “Chicago PD” put Jay Halstead in a difficult position. The last few episodes saw several characters struggling with the fatal decisions made during the season eight finale.

Now, the FBI has gathered substantial evidence in an attempt to pin the murder of perpetrator Roy Walton on Hank Voight. However, without Halstead’s knowledge of what fully took place, FBI Agent North does not have enough to convict him. Hence, where the ultimatum comes in. Should Halstead decide against turning Voight in, his other option puts both himself and Officer Hailey Upton in prison. For die-hard “Chicago PD” fans, neither option is all that appealing.

Further, this season has seen a lot of tension grow between Halstead and Voight. However, the One Chicago Center reminds us that, previously, the two men have worked well together. Over time, they slowly developed a well-oiled and professional working relationship. As a result, that often leads to the takedown of dangerous perpetrators.

Therefore, current events might inspire Halstead to turn over on the sergeant. On the other hand, will the pair’s former relationship have a role in the younger officer’s decision? We can’t be sure. Nevertheless, Halstead holds the cards in what takes place next on “Chicago PD.” And we are at the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens.

‘Chicago PD’ Actor Reveals Struggles in On-Screen Role

Contemporary society has seen a shift over the last few decades in how civilians perceive certain communities, especially stigmatized ones. And while “Chicago PD” does its best to demonstrate authenticity in the real-life events and discussions that take place every day, actor LaRoyce Hawkins revealed some of his and his cast members’ own struggles in portraying police officers in fictional television.

In speaking with Shadow and Act, the “Chicago PD” star said, “Once upon a time, we got this award for the way we tackled the stories that were difficult to talk about.”

Those difficult topics and stigmas surrounded issues such as sex trafficking, gang violence, drug overdoses and things of the like.

LaRoyce acknowledged that highlighting these contemporary issues is important. However, what makes the portrayal of contemporary controversies difficult is conveying the reality of those problems to audiences that don’t directly relate. In this way, showrunners and cast members alike have to work extra hard to appeal to the hearts and minds of viewers that haven’t experienced tense social issues like the ones stated above.

Nevertheless, while the topics surely present a struggle, the “Chicago PD” star said, “We take that seriously as…that was something that we were good at doing. ” Additionally, Hawkins acknowledged the reality of certain fictional scenarios when he said, “for some of these situations, [the truth is] not always that black or white.” Instead, “it’s a little gray and sometimes everybody’s right and nobody’s wrong.”

Overall, the “Chicago PD” star concluded, “for us, we think that tells the most authentic story.”