‘Chicago PD’: Here’s How Far Jesse Lee Soffer Says He’s Willing to Go on Stunts

by Anna Dunn

Chicago PD star Jesse Lee Soffer loves doing his own stunts. In one interview, he described just how far he’s willing to go on set.

Jesse Lee Soffer plays Jay Halstead on the hit series. The actor has to do plenty of stunts for the action packed show, but you’d be surprised by just how much he does. Not all actors do nearly as many stunts as Lee does, but they’re fun for the actor.

In an interview with doujur, the actor discussed his stunt work.

“I would pretty much do anything as long as they let me. If someone was like, “We’re doing a car chase, you’re gonna flip a car,” I would do it. But there’s no way we would really do that, so it’s kind of up to the network and the producers as far as safety goes,” he explained. Ultimately, network higher ups make the calls on set safety.

But still, no matter how safe you can try to be, action shows like Chicago PD apparently result in a few “boo boos.”

“I always say that we’re like a pro sports team, there’s always somebody in the infirmary, somebody who got banged up, someone is like getting an MRI or getting over a sprained knee. We have such an action-packed show that someone is always getting a boo-boo,” he continued.

According to Soffer, Working on the show is ‘Challenging’

Soffer may have fun doing his own stunts, but that doesn’t mean the series isn’t a challenge to work on. But for him, that has very little to do with the physical work. In the same interview, he talked about how he’s always trying to figure out the character and how he works.

Halstead goes through a ton on the show, so Soffer has to work very hard to try and step in the shoes of someone like that and put on a good performance.

Now, Soffer hopes to see Jay evolve more as a person and lean into his more emotional side. Jay tends to bottle things up, and Soffer hopes that in the future, Jay can learn to process his emotions and baggage in a more healthy way.

‘Chicago PD’ A Crucial Piece in the ‘One Chicago’ Franchise

Network TV shows are really leaning into franchise based expansion. This means that lots of shows like Law & Order, NCIS, and FBI have other series set in the same universe with similar premises. These series usually air back to back to boost ratings.

Spearheading the movement is Chicago PD Dick Wolf, whose been dominating network TV since he created Law & Order in the 90s. Chicago PD airs on Wednesday nights along with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. The night starts with Chicago Med at 8/7 central and ends with Chicago PD at 10/9 central.