‘Chicago P.D.’: Here’s How Sophia Bush’s ‘Good Sam’ Competed with Her Former Show in Ratings

by Joe Rutland

It was a battle of the ratings between Chicago P.D. and Good Sam with former cast member Sophia Bush on CBS. Who won the battle?

We get some help in figuring this out with a story from CinemaBlend.

Well, Chicago P.D. won the night in ratings and viewership. We’ll get to that point in a minute.

See, CBS decided to put Good Sam up against the show in its debut on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Scored Solid Victory Over ‘Good Sam’ In First Showdown

Bush had been the leading female actress on Chicago P.D. for the show’s first four seasons. Then she high-tailed it out of there.

As we said, Chicago P.D. came out on top of Good Sam. It was veteran vs. rookie on the TV screen.

Chicago P.D. hit a rating of 0.7 and 6 million viewership, according to SpoilerTV. This ties for the second-highest-rated show of the night and comes in just third in audience size, behind Chicago Fire and Chicago Med on Wednesday night. 

Good Sam scored an 0.3 rating and 2.7 million viewership. It did beat ABC programming in the timeslot.

If you had the strong lead-ins of other One Chicago franchise shows, then you’d probably get solid numbers.

Police Show Stars Talk About ‘Stunt’ That Failed Miserably

We now turn our attention to a situation on Chicago P.D. that involves some stars and even talk-show host Steve Harvey.

But it is not Harvey on the show at all. See, three of the show’s stars appeared a few years ago on The Steve Harvey Show.

Harvey went to the videotape (or something like that) and aired a clip of antics that happen on the set of Chicago P.D.

Catch the clip at the 2:40 mark or around there. One of the stars gets kicked in the groin.

What happens is Jesse Lee Soffer attempts some kind of Karate Kid-looking kick. Well, he kicks his co-star Patrick Flueger in the groin area.

“Can I just defend myself for a second?” Soffer asks. “I wasn’t just kicking my friend in the man stuff. He was supposed to have a strap on — wait no — not a strap on, but it’s like a cup. If you are standing up straight and you don’t bend your knees, there is like shelf there and it’s for when you have to get kicked in the man stuff on a TV show.”

What was going through Flueger’s mind?

“My thought was that I wanted to look as Dragon Ball Z as possible,” Flueger says. “Just take that and look at the camera and be like, ‘That’s right!'”

Well, this is not close to what happened.