‘Chicago PD’: Here’s Where You Recognize Alexa Rivera From

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images,)

NBC‘s hit crime procedural, “Chicago PD,” has seen a host of cast members come and go since its debut nine seasons ago. Season seven of the hit show saw the debut of “Chicago PD” character Alexa Rivera. Her appearance came in the episode, “Familia,” and since then, fans were left wondering where they recognized the actress from.

Fortunately, Looper helped us nail down the answer. Foremost, Rivera’s character, played by actress Lisa Vidal, boasts a lengthy career in showbiz, according to the outlet. Below is a closer look at at her former roles and appearances.

‘Chicago PD’ Actress’s Career Spans Nearly Three Decades

According to Looper, the “Chicago PD” star kicked off her acting career in 1994, with her first recurring role in Fox‘s “New York Undercover.” During her time on the series, she starred as a newspaper reporter and sister of Detective Eddie Torres, Carmen Torres.

1996 saw the “Chicago PD” actress on ABC’s “High Incident,” co-created by Steven Spielberg. Between the two roles, she also appeared in popular series such as “The Cosby Show,” “Miami Vice,” and “Law & Order.”

In 1998, Vidal collected several various television and film roles. She even jumped to sitcoms like “The Brian Benben Show.”

In the early 2000s, the “Chicago PD” guest star held several dynamic roles. These included both “ER” and “The Division.”

2010 saw a major transition in the actress’s roles, appearing in more fictionally-inspired series, like NBC‘s “The Event,” as well as a guest role in “Star Trek.” Soon after, she debuted on the popular series “American Horror Story” and the monster-hunting series, “Grimm.”

Most recently, alongside her role on “Chicago PD,” Outsiders may recognize the actress from a handful of shows. These include “Being Mary Jane,” the police procedural “Rosewood,” “The Baker and the Beauty,” and even a brief appearance on the long running series, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Burgess and Ruzek Face Trouble When ‘PD’ Returns

Clearly, actress Lisa Vidal remains a commonplace name within the acting industry if not “Chicago PD.” However, on the other hand, two beloved “One Chicago” characters approach trouble following the series’ midseason finale.

For those who caught “Chicago PD’s” midseason finale last week, you know the storyline surrounding Roy Walton’s murder is (mostly) concluded. Now, showrunners plan to turn the focus to other fan favorite characters when they return in January.

The latest preview focuses (finally) on the unresolved issues between District 21’s Officers Burgess and Ruzek. The pair have spent nine seasons working through their personal issues and obstacles. But now, it appears the rest of “Chicago PD” season nine will put yet another new spin on their partnership.

Essentially, the preview focuses on Burgess and Ruzek’s (lack of) relationship, the former stating, “I think it would be better if we had more boundaries with Makayla.” She implies that, while Ruzek has wonderfully performed the role of a dedicated father, he and Burgess are not technically together, the female officer suggesting he could meet someone else.

As Outsiders well know, Ruzek has no intention of leaving Burgess, or Makayla for that matter. Now, as we wait for the winter debut of “Chicago PD,” we continue to wonder what Burgess has in mind.